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Kittens... Kittens... Kittens...

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My beautiful Winnie had a litter of 5 kittens. They will be ready to go around christmas, anyone know of the best way to find homes for them? I'm kinda picky I want to make sure they all have really good homes. I have pictures of 4 of them. The 5th (sabastian) wouldn't hold still to let me take a picture *he's the loud mouth of the group* he's the only orange tabby of the group, and the biggest out of them all...

kitten #1 Smokey-boy- lover- really quiet...

Kitten #2 ROXANNE (ROXY) sweetheart

Kitten #3 Tasha (one of the So called TWINS)

Kitten #4 Julia (jewls) I never noticed this until after I took the picture but one of her eyes is bigger than the other and I don't know why. I'm going to look into it tho. It does not seem to bother her though.

This is Smokey Roxy and Julia together

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so cute .I just want to snuggle them
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You can go to, put in your zip code, see all of the local rescue groups in your area and you can call them and ask them if they can place an ad on petfinder for you. Most rescue groups are really full, but explain to them that they can stay with you, you just need help finding them reliable homes. They may even have other resources where they can let people know about these kittens.

They are adorable.
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Okay I will try that, I just moved to a new area and everyone warned me already not to put them in the paper because a lot of "chinese resturaunts" in the area are taking them. I don't know if thats true but im never going to the chinese places around here. thats horrible if thats true. I just want to make sure there going to good places. and now im worried about Jewls eye. I can't find any information about it on the internet. I'll keep looking. Thanks!
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The kitten's eye looks like it just hasn't opened all of the way in the inside corner. You can try warm wet cotton balls and swipe along the lid to the inside corner to see if it will unstick. Do not force it open.
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aww those kittens are so cute
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They are cute and maybe since the one doesn't want his picture taken - he's telling you "i'm not available for adoption - want to stay with you"

Anyway, first please do NOT let them go around Christmas time. That is one of the worse times to bring home a new pet as its far to chaotic and stressful with families. The pet gets put in the middle for 5 mins, then tossed to the side.

Keep them till they are a good 10-12 weeks old - and if it means adopting out at 12-16 weeks (in January); so be it. When I was breeding I timed my litters, but would have never let kittens go around a holiday.

As far as adoption, you can put a sign up (w/pic) in local food stores. And put something like "call for appointment to be interviewed"
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Alright thanks, I will do that. I didn't want to give them away at christmas time either- I think its too soon anyway. The orange one already has been PRE adopted.. to my friend he finally let me take his picture the other day but none of them turned out.. but thats what Im going to do put them around in stores and say they can go after the hollidays. I wonder if they will even be ready to go at christmas time. I started them on soft cat food today and there not having it, they just want to nurse on mommy so mommy ate their food. I'll try again in a few days. Only when they are ready. Thanks everyone for all your replys!
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When I'm adopting out snakes (ones that aren't sold, or are offered as pet only), I put an application as well as state an adoption fee. (just a minor one, $10-20 depending on what I am adopting out).

I always put "adoption fee" to discourage what I call "animal collectors". People who just want something because it is free, they just want to have whatever they can 'collect'. A small price tag seems to deter this. I don't know if its a big problem where you are, but I know several "collectors" in my vacinity.

My adoption application is quite simple, with questions like: "What would you do if you found out you could not keep your pet", and other simple things. I had a couple that I did not like whatsoever One said he would donate the snake to a local shelter (ummmmmm NOPE) another said they would let it go... no thanks.

I find an application, and adoption fee (even if you waive the fee once you find a good owner...its more just to know they are willing to pay) helps weed out alot of people that you wouldn't want having your kitties.

Gorgeous kitties btw.
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awww they are such little cuties
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