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I go to the dr for that terrible pain tomorrow!!!

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I go at 10:20.
I am scared what they will say.
It almost always happens at night and after I throw up it gets better.
That is the worse pain when it happens.
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I suspect you'll hear you need an endoscopy scheduled, so you won't hear definite today.

Good luck and let us know how it went.
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I go tomorrow and think its Gall Bladder because my sister and Dad had the same pain.
Its been over 2 years since it first happened.
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Oops, I don't know why I typed "today", my only excuse is that I'm a bit sick myself.

2 years isn't as bad as waiting 8. I think a lot of us are guilty of putting things off for a while. I know if I'm still sick in January the doc will want to do an endoscopy and/or colonoscopy on me. Part of that, I think, is because I have had symptoms so long and not all of them neatly line up with gallbladder problems. I really dread that...

A little warning, if it has to come out. Don't expect it to cure you.
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I guess we are both bad at putting things off.
I have gerd and influx also.
How long do you have to wait to get the test?
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To check the gallbladder? An ultrasound can be done as soon as the next day. They require you not to eat or drink for several hours before the ultrasound so they can see things better, which is the only reason you have to wait for this. It depends on when the clinic or hospital can schedule you in though - usually it's such a quick test that you shouldn't be waiting to have it for long. A tech usually does this instead of a doctor, so that speeds things up a bit.

Blood tests, if your doc decides to do any, will probably be same day. Have them check out your liver function while they're at it.

No idea what the wait for the other two would be. Again, no food or drinking before those. But ultimately it's just depends on how busy the doctor giving them is. I'm guessing that right now would be harder to get in - docs like their holiday vacations if they can get them.
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I expect blood tests and have had blood tests for the liver before.
I take lovastatin and get blood test for that.
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How did it go?
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I am leaving soon to go to the dr.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I am leaving soon to go to the dr.
What's the word? Hoping for good news!
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She gave me a med for my ger and reflex and said if the problem still happens to come again.
I also got neck and back xrays.
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Hmm. Sounds like a bit of a pass off. An ultrasound could have at least have been ordered. Get pushy with the doc or find a new one if you have to.
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I thought so also.
Next time the pain happens they will get a phone call.
I will ask for a ultasound then.
I just hope it dosent happen soon.
She said maybe food poisoning.
I said how can it be when it happened after greasy foods everytime.
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GERD can really fake a lot of other diseases. It can give you a very convincing "heart attack," for example, including pain all the way from your ears to your fingertips.

But I learned a lesson about asking for extra tests. I had an abdominal pain and thought it might be my appendix. The doctor checked it all out, and was pretty sure it wasn't, but when I kept asking, he sent me for an ultra-sound. Came back essentially clean, except for one phrase: "some evidence of light fatty liver deposits." That one phrase has made it essentially impossible for me to get anything but company-sponsored health insurance. Now I'm in the process of "cleansing" that file by staying away from the doctor.
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Your symptoms remind of of mine before I was diagnosed with an ulcer over 20 years ago.
It seemed that pizza especially triggered it. The ab pain would start late afternoon and get worse as the evening progessed. I would "sleep" by kneeling on the floor and rest my head on the bed-it seemed to minimize the pain!! Also it would "act up" around my period as well. It seemed like if I could burp or pass gas (TMI!) I would feel better. Sometimes I drank baking soda and water which would also help.
The doc told me to stay away from alcohol, caffiene, nictotine and aspirin during a flare up as well.
Back then I was prescribed Tagmet which is now OTC. I also drank a bit of Mylanta!!(which can cause other problems).

Try to keep track what you eat when the pain triggers for clues.
I hope you feel better soon.
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The meds I got work for ulcers also.
All those foods you mentioned make my gerd act up.
I have ibs also.
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The IBS info is interesting. Do foods trigger it as well? Before I had my gallbladder out, and still now that it is out, one of the main problems is diarrhea. So far this week I've had it every single day, today's still early...

Mine was originally triggered by fatty/greasy foods. Now it's fats, grease, too sugary, too carby, or just eating before 4pm. I almost wonder if it's dumping syndrome, even though bile salts diarrhea is more common.
My point, bile issues can IBS like symptoms. Please push your doctor into gear or find another. You risk liver problems and possibly getting pancreatitis if this is your gallbladder. No one should have to live with that pain either. Since you're on a statin, OTC H2 antagonist (such as Tagamet) could be a problem as they can raise blood plasma levels of other drugs.

And as to why GERD can make people think they're having heart attacks. It isn't just pain. It's because your vagus nerve innervates your heart and all the way down to your digestive tract. Irritation somewhere else will affect heart rate and blood pressure. It gets more specific than that, but that's the simplest explanation.
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I only get the constipation from the Ibs.
The first time I got pain from gerd I got a Ekg because I thought it was heart pain.
I also had a 140 pulse then.
It turned out the anemia caused it.
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Sending mega prayers and vibes that you get better - the kitties of California need you and your TCS family wants the best for you
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