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Changing a cat hater to cat lover!!

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I just thought I would share my story and see if any of you have seen this happen to people either.

My boyfriend of 8 years used to want nothing at all to do with cats. Sadly he even has stories of watering down a non-spade female that was driving him and friends cazy. I guess he thought watering it down would do the trick. This was long before I knew him mind you. When we first got together he would stay at my mom's house with me sometimes. This is where I had MJ and Mya for the first couple years. He still did not like cats much and I think that my cats knew that because MJ later peed all over his hockey gear. Of coarse he got all mad and wouldn't believe me that she probably did it on purpose, because he did not like her.

Anyways years later when we moved into the house that we are in now and brought my cats over, so my mom didn't have to take care of them anymore, everything changed. All of a sudden he saw what we all see in cats....their love, character, cleanliness and much much more. I would find him kissing them on thier heads when he was going to bed or leaving the house. He would cuddle with them. Even when his guys friends were over he will act like a fool in love when Mary Jane does somthing silly and cute. He is completely converted to a cat person. He even tries to talk his friends into getting them rather than a dog because they are clean, quite, and do most everything on their own. He even makes comments of other cats everytime we see one around the neighbourhood. Of coarse I am very happy that this is how it turned out, because I only want to best for my babies.

Now I think we have the most spoiled cats around.


New pics of my third baby will hopefully be up soon
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What a great story! Then again, what person can resist living with such adorable and smart animals?
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I love stories like this. Great stuff!

I like to see the conversion IRL myself
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A lovely story! BTW - your girls are just stunning!!!
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That's a fantastic story. I myself wasn't much of a cat person until I started hanging around a couple of friends that had cats, and the rest is history!

And as a fellow hockey player, I'm sure the two of you now see plenty of this sort of thing.

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Actually, Ryan's hockey gear is sooooo stinky that they really don't even go near it now!! lol
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^And there's your answer as to why it was originally peed on. It has nothing to do with like or dislike towards a person. I'm sure he's figured that out now.
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My husband was a "dog" man till he met me. He didn't like cats at all! Now he has won over all of my cats and they love love love him! He loves our cats so much and it's wonderful to watch him interact with them!!!
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When I started dating my husband, I told him that if he didn't like cats, that our relationship wasn't going to happen. It was a long time later when he admitted that he hated cats when we first met. I didn't convert him, my cat at the time, Hippocrates, did it for me. He absolutely loved that cat and still says that Hipster (his nick) was the cat by which all cats should be judged by.

As the years passed, he's actually stayed up all night long bottle feeding orphaned kittens, and would sleep on the floor with them so that they wouldn't get chilled. He can't lay down without a cat snuggled either on top of him or curled up at his side. He carries Scarlett around the house with him for at least an hour every day.

He came over from the dark side. He will now state that he is more of a dog person than a cat person, but I'm not sure he could live without at least a few cats.
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