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kitty kountdown!

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1 or 2 more days until we adopt a kitty

After 3 years of whining, pestering and prodding, my husband has finally given in. inshaAllah (God willing), we'll be going to an adoption even on Saturday from a local rescue, and 2 humane society locations. Come hell or high water, we're going to adopt a cat!

I've been prepping for months. I have 3 varieities of dry food - solid gold, innova and a trial size origen (I wish all of these more expensive brands had trial sized). I also have about 10 brands of wet food in assorted flavors. I figure whatever kitty likes best, I'll buy more of.

I have a basket full of toys, a little box with high sides but no cover, a fleece bed, ceramic food dishes so they can't be batted around and a ton of excitement! I've read "Think like a Cat" front to back probably 3 times. I've also done research into allergy reduction, in the event I'm allergic to our new kitty. I've been developing allergies in the last few years, but I'm really hoping cats aren't added to the list.

Yes, I'm being obsessive and neurotic, but I've literally been waiting for this moment since I was 3 years old. That's when my family moved out of state and we gave our cat to my grandparents. I haven't had a cat since. My husand immigrated to the US 3 years ago, and we had planned on adopting a cat together, but the adjustment was harder than we expected. Now we're all settled in and ready to add another member to our family.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, so excited! I think everyone at the office knows I'm getting a cat and are probably sick of hearing about it
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And in case anyone is interested in seeing what I have for the kitty, I just blogged about it. Let me know if I'm missing anything essential.
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All you are missing is a kitty who's gonna be spoiled rotten!
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Originally Posted by Quill_luv View Post
All you are missing is a kitty who's gonna be spoiled rotten!
I am so excited for you. I had to give up my cat when I had to move back with my was horrible. My house is not a home without a kitty. Now I have 3!!

I am so happy for you! Can't wait for the announcement and lots of
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Oh, that's wonderful - the only suggestion I have is that you do get whatever food and litter the cat has been used to before the adoption, even if it's the grocery store stuff, and then just gradually switch over to other types. Please forgive me if you've already considered this. Oh, if you're not in a single residence home, maybe bring a copy of your association by-laws or lease with you to the adoption events, since most adoption sites do like to check those over before releasing the pet to the new family (too many people say there's no problem, and then return the pet due to lease or other restrictions). When I got my two, I had to bring my condo by-laws with me.

I read your blog - that is some lucky kitty who's out there, waiting to become part of your family!
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Ah, thanks much for the suggestions. It may be a little tough to convince my husband that I need to buy yet more cat food, but I'll see what I can do.

Excellent idea on the lease info. It is required that any animals be declawed, so we're only looking for a declawed cat
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My two babies were declawed (and neutered) before they were picked up as strays by Animal Control (I got them through Petsmart). So, I suspect you will find some declawed kitties out there waiting for a home.

When I got mine, the store manager gave me a big bag of the food they were eating (it was Authority dry), and they were using just the nonscooping clay litter, so that part was pretty reasonable money-wise until I was able to start moving them over to different food and litters - maybe your shelter may be able to give you a small bag of food to start you out with. I was told that, at the start,there's so much change happening for a newly adopted cat that it's good to have at least a few things exactly the same as when they were in the shelter. The volunteers at my shelter made little pillows and blankies that Petsmart kept with each kitty - so that when you went home, you also took along their particular pillow/blankie, so there was some familiar smell for them.

Good luck - I'm sure you're going to be adopted by some very lucky kitty.
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Update!! We may have a winner! I went to the humane society this morning and found the perfect girl. Her name is Mitze and she's 4 years old. I spent about a half an hour with her in the cat play room. I couldn't tell if she was shy or just happy to be out of her cage, because she spent a few minutes sniffing around the room. But, eventually she warmed up and we had some quality snuggle time

She's so soft and a little bit on the pudgy side. I put a hold on her and will be bringing my husband back this afternoon to make sure they get along.

Here's her picture from the humane society webpage. She's much prettier in real life:

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Aww what a little sweetheart! I hope everything goes smoothly in your adoption!
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I hope you end up with her.
She is a nice looking cat.
Also not many people adopt older cats.
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Oh, she's so pretty - my little girl was four when I adopted her (we guess my boy was about 3 1/2) - I honestly think the older cats may appreciate getting their forever home even more than a kitten does.

My little girl also checked out the house first when I brought her home - but I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be greeted at the door every evening when I get home. Good luck - you will be adopted by the right cat, you'll see.
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Good luck!! I hope you get her! I can't see a picture of her, but from what others say she is very pretty. I hope your husband agreed and you have her home now!!

We had a cat when I was younger named Mitzie, she was so pretty but so shy.
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