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Question of the Day - December 4th

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What is your natural hair color?

Mine is just plain old brown!
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Dark brown, but it needs a bit help every 6 weeks to stay that way
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When I was a kid it was bright red/orange. As I got older more towards strawberry blonde, now because of the persisten gray that insist on growing in it is now whatever color red the hairdresser makes it!
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A warm medium brown - but the gray hair is encroaching like you wouldn't believe.
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Dirt brown is what I always called it Its always been a light/medium brown and dull as dirt. It does have some red to it though, because in the sun it looks almost copper.
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A medium auburn color---just like when I was younger. Thank heaven for L'Oreal.
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Dark brown with an even spattering of white...which I've had since I was 10 . Apparently it's an actual mineral deficiancy in my Dad's side of the family - My dad was completely grey by 25. Mine's not that plentiful. In school I used to get asked all the time of I streaked it white.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
What is your natural hair color?

Mine is just plain old brown!
Blonde, but fading faaast. No, I never colored my hair. I was a natural blue eyed blonde (Male). And am still but the grey is taking over. Funny thing about this: Whereas DW urges me to NOT touch up my hair and wants me to go grey, SHE has a full hair coloring every six weeks. What the hell is fair about that???
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Mine is black, with a few gray hairs mixed in.
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mine is a very dark brown and shiny shiny shiny I have a couple gray hairs making an appearance but I have already vowed to never color my hair!
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Mine is light brown or really dark blonde take you pick....
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It used to be mousy brown with a few red highlights, until it followed my mother's lead and lightened in my thirties and then went white in my early forties.
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Dark brown with red highlights.
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So dark brown it's almost black
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Light brown/dark blonde with a few hints of gold, but mostly ash... It's 'hair colored'. I like it. It's different when everyone seems to have dyed or bleached their hair to a 'primary' hair color

My roommate refers to it as 'dishwater' or 'dirty' blonde, but that's just a mean term, in my opinion. All colors of hair are pretty, even the muddled ones!

Right now it's colored auburn/red because I got bored and there was dye in the house.
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Mine has been several natural colours over my life.

I was born with carrot orange hair. It lightened and at one point when I was a young child it was almost albino white, and then it started to darken. It started to take on a more blonde colour, then a dirty blonde and eventually it was dark chestnut brown by the time I was 5 years old or so.

Then as I got older into my teens it started to take on coppery highlights to the point that when I was in the sun it looked brassy red. Looking back now, it was a gorgeous colour. But back then I didn't like it so I dyed it ash brown to get rid of the red.

Today my natural colour is a mousy brown without any red highlights, flecked with grey and silver mostly at the temples, but also scattered throughout.

Oddly enough my eyes have also changed several times. I was born with blue eyes. They eventually became a chestnut brown. I noticed in my mid teens that my eyes had started to take on a bit of green in them, and as the year progressed more and more green. At one point they were hazel with more brown than green. Then they were hazel with 50/50, and now they're hazel with way more green than brown.

My brother's eyes have done the same. Born with blue eyes, then they went to green (I was always jealous). Now that he's in his 50's they're a greyish colour, bordering on pale blue but not quite there yet. And the bum doesn't have a single grey hair in his head! He doesn't colour it either!
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I was born blonde but by the time I reached my teens my hair darkened quite a bit. I have been dying my hair since I was 15 years old so I am honestly not sure what my natural hair color would like. I am guessing dark blonde or light brown?
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Black! There are brown/reddish highlights when the sun shines on it. I also have some early grays. But overall, black.
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Dark brown with red and blonde bits Seriously!

I used to be blonde up until my mid twenties and it just started to go darker and darker

A few weeks ago I wasn`t sure if I found a grey hair or a very blonde one so I dyed it black
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Light brown with lots of red and gold . It's natural I have found a few grey hairs lately I have been pulling them out.
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My hair was has gone from blonde when young, to light brown. It is now all white.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
What is your natural hair color?

Mine is just plain old brown!
There is an old story that my grandmother used to tell me. I think it may have been an Aesop Fable, but not sure. A man had two wives (which is common in the country that DW is from), and began going grey. The younger of the brides would pluck grey hairs from her husband's head and the older woman would pluck the non-grey hairs from his head.

Of course between them, they picked him bald. This is one of the biggee's in the Aesop line but cannot remember the moral of it.

Help, any body?
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I was born blonde and my hair changed colours to really dark brown. Now it is a medium brown. I tried to colour it back to the dark brown but it washes out within a week.
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I was born with blonde hair, which turned strawberry blonde in my teens. In my 20's it took on a lot of red and darkened. Then as I hit my 40's my hair turned mousy brown and gray. I get it dyed a real pretty red now as it fits my skin color
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It was a dark sable with hints of red.

Now there are grey and white hairs mixed in.
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When I was a child, my hair was such a dark black that the little old ladies at church would ask me if my hair was blue!!! It lightened a little in high school to a very dark brown. Now I have so much gray that I have it colored medium brown, with dark blond highlights, chestnut lowlights. I think I got my first few gray hairs when I was about 16!
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My hair is light brown with natural blonde highlighs from the sun.
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My hair color is a medium auburn brown. I don't dye it or color treat it in any way since I donate to Locks of Love regurally. It's naturally wavy.
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My Hair is dark brown almost black.
I still have red in it from almost a year ago when it was colored.
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My Hair was black at birth. But then lightened to a very light blonde. It stayed that way till I was 16 then died my hair a darker blonde. Then went light brown then dark brown, then red, then mahogany, the a medium brown which i really like and may actually try again. right now it is a strawberry blonde. ICK!!
I tried dying my hair a light brown when my hair was light blonde. turned reddish blonde. Seriously considering a new colour with highlights but no idea what
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