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Shadow's Second Cruise

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Ok, let me try this again. These are from Shadow's second cruise on the Rideau Canal in '06. This time we spent more than 2 weeks on the boat in total and circumnavigated Eastern Ontario via the St. Lawrence River, Rideau Canal & Ottawa River. All total we did 660 kilometers in 15 days.

First stop was Milton Island in the St. Lawrence River. Here Shadow tried to hide in the bushes so she wouldn't have to get back on the boat.

Life on the boat is pretty laid back especially if you're a cat!

"Hey mousey boy, quit hoggin' the shelf"

"You're mousemeat buddy as soon as the people leave."

Guarding the boat from interloping droolin' pooches is Shadow's primary job. Here she is patrolling the foredeck.

And if there was ever any doubt that this is an essential task while aboard here's what happened to one luckless pooch who tried to board her boat!

She remains ever vigilant when on duty!

We did run into a little trouble during the trip. There was a heatwave that swept across the area driving the daytime temps to near 40 degs C. Our boat doesn't have air conditioning and when not underway there's very little ventillation. Shadow conked out and was near heat exhaustion (unresponsive) so we had to pack her in ice.

Here she is in her favorite spot. "It's too hot to fish, just open a can of sardines, ok?"

I'm sorry, are we boring you?

Bad mummy, making fun of her girl!

This is the pleasure craft dock on the St. Lawrence Seaway. We had about a 3 hr wait to get through the locks.

If you've ever wondered how big the boats are that go through these locks look at this!!!

Feeling very big!

Feeling very very small!

That's it for '06. 2007 was a washout with a major foul up on the boats outdrive. We've pretty much covered '08 on the "He left us for the trailer park" thread.
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Wish you could have had video of that pooch's dunking. Serves him right for trying to get on her boat!
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She looks a curious little thing That was very smart thinking as well by packing her with ice
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Cool piccies! I'd like to say that your cat is a right salty dog( said in pirate voice)... but I think she would be insulted!
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Wow! What an adventure!

She is one beautiful girlie
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