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Daily Thread Thurs Dec 4th!

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Wooooweeeeeeeeeeee, almost Friday!

Its mild today, actually above 0 degrees...I am off to work in a bit, and then tonight I think I will catch up on my long lost housework.

The onslaught of Christmas parties start this weekend...its such a busy time of year!

Thats about it for today, I am pretty boring

Have a great day folks!
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my stomach is in knots right now being excited that i am going to bring my cats out here now.

Also the 5 HUGE boxes of my stuff that i shipped should arrive today and that's a good thing too
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I am just getting ready to head to work. And I am extremely excited for the weekend! Tomorrow is mine and my boyfriends anniversary and we are going to the Smokeys for the weekend. Should be a blast!

Today though one of the furballs hacked a hairball up right in the middle of the living room carpet so that was fun to wake up to...

But its a crappy raining day here so nothing too exciting.
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Good Morning Folks.
Today we get to decorate the front....well that's Mom's plan. It supposed to be blistery this weekend so she wants to get it done on her day off.

I might take the time to fill out some Christmas cards later. I am the worst at remembering. I have them next to me so that's a start.
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Morning All!!!

The sun is shining here today which is nice.

Heading out shortly to run a few errands, post office, pet store, bank..I hate going to the post office this time of year the lines are ridiculous but it can't be avoided today.

Afterwards I am meeting my sister for a late lunch.

Afterwards it is just home and a quite evening in front of the TV.

The kitties are all stretched out in a sunspot enjoying the warmth.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning.

I made it to work this morning despite really wanting to sleep in. We cleaned our tripping hazard of an office and i learned that the easiest way to get people to come get stuff they've been leaving there is to announce that anything I have not labelled and am still in possession of by 5pm is getting pitched.

The cats were having one heck of a sprawl on the bed when I left. Now I'm just waiting to see if it freezes again like the weather reports say it will.

Have a good day, guys.
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Am tired as I didn't sleep really well thinking about Bobber's pain. So I will be pretty useless today!!

Its sunny but chilly its warmed up to 12F (-11C) with more snow coming-we got almost 5 inches yesterday. With wind chill though its below zero-brrrr too early in the winter for these temps-average this time of year is lower 30'sF.

Researching some Wii games online and will try to pick up around the house.
Making homemade pizza for dinner tonite-Yummy!!
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