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Daily Thread for Friday- - - - - -

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We have a big show this weekend. We should do well- at least I hope so. Our theme this year will be patriotic- which we hope will be a good crowd draw. Here are Mike's latest miniatures- aren't they cool?

See ya Monday!
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Dang it, I was just writing one of these when Hissy posted this one. Ahh, well, someday... We're taking the kitties fishing at the lake today, they should have a blast running around there. I'm going to extend their leashes with some clothesline and give them a bit of freedom to wander on their own. it's beautiful weather today, sunny and warm! I wish I had one of those neat tents for them to get out of the sun under, all I have for them is a little plastic tub on its side (bigger and cooler than the carrier). Maybe we'll pick something up on the way out. I'm so excited for them. It's just Tiger and Jorin who're going, Boo is too shy and doesn't like car rides AT ALL!. So I already gave her the lecture on No Wild Parties, Don't Answer the Door, etc She's probably happy to have the place to herself for a bit!

Those knives are really cool! I should have waited to get mine!
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Great knives MA!

Myste - that is nice you are taking the kitties on a field trip! I have a few who would probably like that!

People are staring at me strangely today. I never dress up for work - we are a very casual place. Today I have a very nice skirt and top on as right after work I have to go to my dad's retirement party. Everyone is asking me if I have an interview to go to!

I am so excited about my road trip to Rochester tomorrow. I hope that we win the championship again this year! The team has arranged for 5 bus loads of fans to go down and they have a bar/restaurant set up for a pre-game and post game party. The players are set to come to the after party. Should I make a sign? I was thinking of "Will divorce hubby for #16 Manning!" (joking of course) or "ROCK-chester" as we are the Toronto Rock! I probably won't be home until about 4 am Sunday morning.

I also hope I get a chance this weekend to go to the "Good Eats" festival. They always have amazing products and demonstrations

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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I haven't been here in soooooo long. Just thought I'd stop in and say "Hi!"

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Hey Ghys, how ARE you doing? Nice to "see" your face again.

It's grey and icky here today. Work is boring, as usual, but it's FRIDAY. The drug reps are having a TGIF party at 5, which means chicken wings and shrimp. At least I have something to look forward to.

Ady, have fun at the game (lacrosse, right?) I like the "I will divorce..." sign idea

Everyone have a good weekend!
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Hot and sunny, here. Its 81 already and its not even 11:00. I'm just killing time, until Monday and starting the new job.

Have a good weekend.
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Killing time....yup, that's what I'm doing too. The copier repair guy is here and I can't really leave until he does. The office officially closed an hour ago, but I was planning on staying a while anyway (I can have 4 hours of OT per pay period because that's what they promised when they hired me.), but somehow it's different when you CAN'T leave.

Got a good weekend planned. Got to work on Save Samoa - have a few more stories submitted already! YAY!! Keep 'em coming!! (PSSST! We need dog rescue stories too!!) Starting to work on Stray Pet Advocacy. Saturday night we're having a get together at a friend's house which should be fun. Sunday we may go see X2. Sounds like a busy weekend now that I think about it! LOL
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Hello , well I have a cat show tomorrow
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Failed my math quiz today. I'm sure of it. Trigonometry... BOOO!

Tomorrow is yard work at grandpa's. Woo hoo. I have to stash every cent I can get for my trip to New Orleans.

Sunday, I have crafts at the nursing home, and Monday and Tuesday I have rehersal for my puppet shows. So, I probably won't be around much. But I'm more of a lurker, anyhow.
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Introducing Sophie.... My Beautiful Show Cat
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That would be "Show Kitten" ...LOL
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Having taken 2 stong doses of steriod today on the advice of the hospital, it's a quarter to 2 in the morning and I can''t sleep at all - tired, but not even close to sleeping.

The steroids are to strengthen the baby's lungs in case of premature birth (I'm at quite a high risk of that) - and this should minimise trauma and ensure minimum time on ventilator.

Apart from that am buzzing as have been chasing solicitors and landlords today as we have been planning to move into our new offices during this weekend (Bank holiday Monday in the UK - so a 3-dayer).

Anyway, the office we have been looking to move into fell through at the last minute so in about 2 hours flat we arranged serviced office accomodation in some really swish town centre offices. Actually probably the best thing that could've happened, as the original deal was rapidly turning pear-shaped.

So we are now a really, bona fide company with offices and staff - just need the projects to feed it all now!!!!!

Hope everyone has a good day.
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I hope things work out well for you. I've always wondered, what exactly is a "bank holiday"? From my American viewpoint, it seems like you have a lot of them, and I've always wanted to know what they were.

sockiesmom-Good wishes for doing well on your Trig quiz. When are you going to New Orleans? I've always wanted to go there. A friend of mine lived there for a year, and it seemed like a really neat place to be. And, of course, I want to see pics if possible...
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I did nothing excpet work from 7:30 this morning to 11 tonight. I'm so darn tired. I think I am getting off the puter very soon.
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Bank holiday - I can take this one! This is a statuatory holiday, and called a bank holiday because the banks are closed.

We have lots in Canada too, days when the banks and government offices are closed, but stores are open. And often people work on those "holidays" and take their statuatory days off all together. Bank holidays, or statuatory holidays we also don't get mail delivery, or garbage pick up.
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