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Cozmo's 2 year gotcha day,,,,

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Hi, On the 6th it will be two years since I brought Cozmo home. (12-6-06)

I am posting early because we are leaving on the 6th to go on a cruise and we will be gone for 10 days. Cozmo won't be happy with me for being gone so long. We have someone to stay at our house and take care of our animals while we are gone. I would be worried sick otherwise.

Truth is I don't even want to go on the cruise, I have been on 2 so far and didn't have a good time on either of them, first one I got a sinus and ear infection so I was sick the whole time, the second time I was sea sick the whole time the ship was moving, which was odd because I didn't get sea sick at all the first time. I have some med that is suppose to help with motion sickness this time.
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Aww, happy Gotcha Day, Cozmo!

Despite all the negative experiences on your past cruises, I hope you'll somehow enjoy this one! Its great that there's someone to take care of your animals while you're gone
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Very happy happy gotcha day, Cozmo!
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Happy gotcha day!

OT: I hope you can enjoy this cruise. What ship are you on? I love cruising. If the meds you have don't work go to the desk and ask for some of what they have....they won't charge you-even if they send you to the ship dr- and the stuff works wonders! Where is it sailing to? Can you tell i wanna be going with you. Do you have a suitcase big enough??
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We will be on the Carnival Valor to Grand Cayman, Isla Roatan, Belieze and Cozumel.

I got meds on the ship the last time but didn't help much with sea sickness. Dr gave me some patches that is suppose to work.
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I hope you are having a wonderful time!! Congrats on the anniversary of your gotcha day!!

I have been on 2 cruises. On the first one I didn't have any problems, but it was pretty much smooth sailing from day one. The second one, two years later, was fine until one day we docked at Cozumel. I was all excited to see the Mayan Ruins, but I started feeling horrible due to rough seas, and I got on the fairy that was going to take us from the boat to shore and I got horribly sea sick. I got off and went back to the room. After that night I felt fine and that was the only time I felt sick and I was so disappointed.

I hope your experience is opposite of what mine was!!
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Valor is one of my favorite ships! I was on it last year. they had a female cruise director and she was great! You can tell the ship was run well because the whole staff seemed happy and having a good time, which is why Carnival is supposed to be the 'fun ship'. I have been on some Carnival ships that just weren't 'fun' So if the staff is the same you are in for a great time!

Don't know what your plans include but seven-mile beach in grand cayman is the most beautiful beach i've been too. So relaxing and tranquil. Great broad view of the clear blue sky and a stretch of white sand beach that just begs to be strolled along. Ahhhhhh.....I am so looking forward to next year and my next cruise.

The patches are good, and don't have to worry about skipping a dose.
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Our cruise went good, When we got back to Miami we rented a car and drove down to Key West Florida and spent a couple days down there so we were gone 10 days total.
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