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Freaking out!!!!

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I was a bad mommy yesterday.
We were on the go from sunrise to sunset, and I didn't scoop the boxes.
When I got home from work today, I went straight to bed with a heating pad because my back was killing me. When my DH got home he went to scoop the boxes(I was still asleep...I Love Him!) But when I got up he told me he didn't scoop cuz he thought I needed to see what was in the boxes. There were several soft piles of very bloody poop. I had noticed that Thai had been paying a lot of attention to his hiney, His bottom looked very irritated. The horrified look on his face as I checked his bottom was actually very funny.
But the bloody stools are not amusing at all.
He was treated for Coccidia a few monthes ago. But he didn't have bloody stools at that time.

Has anyone had a kitty with this problem?

I'm calling the vet in the am so I can get him in right after work. I'm very worried!
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Aww, you weren't a bad mommy.
Hopefully you were able to get a vet appointment for today; he definitely needs to be seen.
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I would be freaking out too. I hope you can get him seen today, as I'm sure he's feeling bad

Let us know what you find out. Lots of vibes
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You weren't a bad Mommy at all, it was really a short amount of time that it went unnoticed. Many Prayers and for Thai
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Your kitty needs to be seen ASAP, not after you get off work. This could be something serious and obviously your cat is distressed.
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