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Jury Duty - confusing message

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So at the end of last year, I filled out the required paperwork for Jury Duty for this year. I was summoned once earlier in the year, but the trial was canceled so I didn't need to show up. We are required to call the number in our summons after 4:30 the day BEFORE the Trial to determine if it's set or not.

The message that you hear when you call tells you the information you need to know. I am about 95% sure I don't have to show up tomorrow, but the message is confusing! It says that jurors numbered s6 540 to s6 600 need to appear. I'm just juror 609, no s6. My assumption is that s6 stands for Superior Court 6.

Your thoughts?
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When I had jury duty last December, they too had a confusing message left. It had said that remaining jurors needed to show up that Wednesday. Well I had already been on jury duty that Monday, and the case was dismissed the same day (of course, right before the courthouse was closing for the day. Couldn't have dismissed it earlier The judge even admitted it was pretty much 100% destined for dismissal from the get-go). Well "REMAINING" sounded like people who had already gone, so I called and asked THREE times. No one knew if I was supposed to be there or not. Finally I was at work and got a call at 8:45am saying I needed to be there at 9am - where was I? I was 51 miles away from the courthouse (I live 26 mi east of the courthouse, and work 25 mi east of the house ) They claimed to be waiting on me to begin. I got there pretty quick and they didn't even pick me again (there was about 150 of us). Luckily I got paid for a full day both at work (JD is paid leave) and for being at the courthouse.

I would assume by that message that you DONT have to show up since you are juror 609 and they only want 540 up to 600. But I feel ya on the confusing messages!
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