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My soon-to-be-kitten.....

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Oscar's soon to be baby brother was hit by a car this morning.

My mom has this little ferel family that comes to their house to eat and she's been feeding them for close to a year. My mom and dad have little nicknames for all of them. Since the cats-there is a grandma and her 2 babies(about 5 months old) and a mom(1 year old) and her 3 babies(about 5 months old)-had been coming around more often and had been there so long, my mom was luring them inside and they were really starting to trust her. She was planning on catching them, taking them all to the vet, vaccinating and spaying or neutering them and adopting them out.

Well one of the kittens I fell in love with. He was grey and white with the pinkest little nose and the bluest eyes. He was GORGEOUS and my dad named him Smokey. I had a picture somewhere but can't find it now. I was planning on taking him when he was all fixed up soon. Well my mom called this morning in hysterics saying that he was hit by a car. I started crying at work. It is awful. My mom said it happened fast. She went out to get the mail this morning and went back in to feed the outside kitties and Smokey wasn't there. She looked out front and called him and he was in the road. She went and got some old pillowcases and a shoebox and picked him up in her bare arms and buried him. She told my dad she just had to pet him and hold him to let him know he was loved.

I am heartbroken. I told Smokey everytime I was there that I was his new mommy and I would take good care of him. I told him that he had a big brother at home. I came home from work and cried talking to my mom again, picked up Oscar and he cuddled and licked my tears away. I told him about his little brother and Oscar just layed on me and purred and licked me.

RIP my little Smoke. Please know you were so loved by many
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Oh No I am so sorry Courtney RIP Sweet boy
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Oh no!

RIP sweet one
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I am sorry you lost your baby boy. RIP little guy
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What a tragedy for Oscar, your mom & you That is so awful - Smokey had a real home & a loving family to go to. It is so hard to not to scream "Why?!?!" - if Heaven needed a kitty, why not some poor cat who's destined to live miserably out on the streets. I guess that Smokey was that special, that some little angel over RB needed him to hold
I am glad that Smokey went over RB knowing that he had a name, a family & knew that people were good.
You are in my prayers and thoughts tonight
Sending you prayers and vibes for comfort & peace
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sorry to hear you lost your sweet little boy here are some for you, & a for the little one, taken too soon!
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Sorry to hear about Smokey. I know how you feel. Many many years ago we had 3 cats hit in a 5 year period. I know how horrible it is.
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The poor baby, i'm so sorry He'll be looked after at the bridge by all the other TCS cats that have crossed though

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