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Having "interest" when both are fixed..?

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This has gone on for a while, I'm hoping someone can help me out! On occasion, out of nowhere, Rossi (male) will start walking towards Prissi (female), stalking her in slow-motion, ending up with his nose mere inches from her. He's sniffing manically as he does this. All the while, he has this zoned-out, half-asleep look on his face, like he's in a trance. Ultimately, Prissi swats him in the head with reckless abandon. A chase possibly ensues.

Ever seen those cartoons where someone gets a whiff of apple pie or something, and is carried away by the scent, totally intoxicated? That's Rossi.

Now, mind you, Rossi normally doesn't like altercations. He will put up a brief fight, and then run for his life. But in this instance, he just takes it, and keeps up his weird stalking thing. I've never seen an end to his means, because at some point I'll break it up. He literally needs to be removed from the situation, he's so entranced.

All of my cats are fixed. Does that mean they're still not capable of being "in the mood"? That's how he acts!

Thanks for any help.
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I don't have an answer to your question, but I just wanted to say that this made me smile.....I can just picture that.
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My Wawa (M) acts that way towards my QT(F). All my cats are fixed and there are other females in the group. I never interfere because QT always gives him a good slap on the face that shocks him out of his trance.
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Sounds like perfectly normal multicat household behaviour to me! I have 3 young neutered males and the stalking thing is part of the normal routine, it's partly play and partly about establishing dominance. They seem to be in a trance because they are lone hunters - meaning that they have to concentrate on their prey to the exclusion of everything around them - and this carries over into play and interaction between cats.
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Neutered males certainly can show 'interest' in females. Mine all do in different ways. Milo and Bonaparte like to sniff the girls' behinds but Wellington takes it a stage further with Biscotte. They have as full sex as is possible with him holding her down and making thrusting movements and she lies there and squeaks sometimes but doesn't really mind. Before, they lick each others' faces frantically and afterwards they usually settle down to sleep curled up together. So I think this is all a matter of showing affection, not dominance. I have thought of taking pix of the process, which often happens on my bed at night, but it would be too voyeuristic!
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I have had several neutered male cats in my time seem to become more aggressive toward my spayed females. It always seems to be at its worst around the month of January, and it occurred to me that as a child our unspayed (40 years ago we didn't know any better) female would have a litter in March. With one of my more recent neutered males I thought of actually calling the vet and asking if "they missed some" during the operation because he would walk up to his sister and bite her as if in preparation. She would hiss, and a chase would ensue. Anything is possible, I guess.
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