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Relocation to Bed and Breakfast offer???

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The president of PA Pets (the group that is sponsoring my TNR) has found someone that owns a Bed and Breakfast on 17 acres of land out in the country and they are looking for some outdoor cats because they currently have only one and he is lonely. The owner has offered to feed and provide shelter for them. I am very hesitant because some of the cats on campus have been doing the whole feral thing for a while now and know the whole routine around here, plus they are a family and look out for each other. Marjorie and her two kittens HamCat (year old now) and Basel (6 months), plus there is another cat that curls up with them too, Analeigh, who is probably one of her kittens as well, but I cannot confirm that.

I think it would be rather devastating to split the family up and I have a feeling that it would not go over well. If I cannot find a home for the current feral I have in my room that is not part of the family do you think it could be a possibility to release her at this new spot? The person that owns the bed and breakfast has said that she could keep them in her garage for a while to get them used to the surroundings. I am hoping she doesn't just want them as decorations for her Bed and Breakfast, like wake up and see the cute cat out in the meadow hunting mice type of thing.

I will be speaking with her this afternoon via telephone and will be making sure she can take care of them. I am not going to commit to giving her any, but I am wondering what questions to ask her.

What kind of shelter do you have?

How many cats would you want to care for?

When and what do you feed them?

Is there a lot of traffic around?

Will you try to socialize them or just provide food and shelter for them?

What type of interacting with them would you like to have? Feeding, providing water, shelter, petting???

Stress the fact that they need to be kept inside after surgery for a few days to recover and should be kept inside a barn or garage to get used to the surroundings before being released so they don't leave.

She had also asked about there temperament and how friendly they are. I am thinking she thinks they will come running to her when she puts food down for them. In actuality she will probably never really see them except for at night when they show up for food and they are very afraid of people. Not quite sure this is what she wants, I think she may be thinking more about cat types that are friendly but just live outside, not the fearful of people ferals that we have on campus.

Anything else I should ask??
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Good catch! 1) Don't break the family up. They know where they live, and they are doing well with you to look out for them. 2) if you think she thinks they are like friendly BARN cats, don't send them - she'll be disappoited and might quit feeding! 3) Keep looking for a good home for the feral in your room - and try and tame it - then it has a better chance of getting placed somewhere like the B& B....
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Very good questions. I'd talk to her a little and make sure she knows those cats aren't as friendly as she might think. Who knows, maybe she's cat savvy and will understand. But your questions are right on.

How's the bedroom kitty? Hopefully, she's coming around.
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I am not so sure about her. When we talked she talked about how she had saved a kitten from near starvation from a drainpipe at Wal-Mart and how she had gotten another companion for the cat and how it had disappeared probably because some one picked it up and took it. Apparently it was really friendly and would approach anyone. Two concerns are she has two labs, dog labs, not sure how the cats would feel about that. She wants feral cats because she does not want them to approach people and be taken, but when I told her that they don't like people and are afraid of them she asked if they would attack the people at her Bed and Breakfast. That really struck me as kind of odd. She also said that she couldn't take the cats until the weekend because of work so I am not sure she can give them the attention that they really need. The more I think about it the less I like the idea.
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IMO, trust your instincts There are hundreds & hundreds of other kitties that would fit her criteria, I have no doubt about that. The main thing is to keep on her good side so she doesn't give up in her quest.
Maybe you could steer her over to another AlleyCat Allies group - this sounds like a dream come true situation for some very lucky cats, if only the right fit can be found
Sending prayers and vibes that that's exactly what happens
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I would trust your instincts also. I think the B and B lady may have good intentions but I would suggest to her that she work with a group to help her find the right kind of cat she is looking for.
Good luck with your little one and the other ferals!
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Thank you for all of the insights, I don't think I am going to give her these cats, but I will see if there are any other cats that I can find for her. I am sure someone has to have feral cats that they are looking to get rid of. The family unity of this group is too strong plus they know the area and the dangers here already which are quite different than the country.
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