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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, December 3rd!

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Hi All

Sorry I'm so late today. I had to work today (yeah, it's supposed to be my day off!) I tried to post at 4 am, but my internet was down. I just got home and spent the last 1/2 hour on the phone with Charter. Grrrrrrr! Aggravating, but at least the cable is back on-line.

Here's today's Question Of The Day...

How many people/pets do you buy or make Christmas presents for? How far along in the process are you?

I buy for 8 people and 4 cats. Mom, Dad, sister, sister's cat, 2 aunts, my cats, TCS Secret Santa, Work Secret Santa, the doctor I work with all the time. I have most of it done. I still need one big gift (I don't have a clue what to get Dr. Z this year) and a couple of stocking stuffers. This weekend will be the present wrapping extravaganza. It's usually chaos, with the girls, ribbon, paper and tape! Oh yes, the boxes....they always have to investigate the boxes, and make sure they pass the cat scan for comfort and durability.
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I buy for the cats and some of my friends.
I also do christmas exchanges in other groups besides this one.
I buy for my brothers and sisters and nephews.
I also buy for the bf and husbands.
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As our close family dwindles, so does our gift-giving. I buy for DH, his son and SO, a couple of Secret Santa exchanges, one or two close friends, and any critters associated with those humans, which probably amounts to a dozen or so cats and four or five dogs, as well as our own cats of course.
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2 cats
1 boyfriend
4 parents (including his)
2 brothers
2 sis-in-laws
2 nieces
2 nephews
1 TCS secret santa
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I make homemade dog and cat treats for friends pets in total I bake anough cookies for 10-12 dogs and enough kitty treats for 5-7 kitty's
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I buy for 4 kids and 4 cats and 1 dog
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I buy gifts for the kitties of course, a couple close friends, 3 neices and 2 nephews.

Several years ago my brother, 2 sisters, and I agreed that instead of exchanging gifts we would each chip in $100 then we donate the money to a program that is called Share the Wealth.
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My fiance.
My parents.
My brother.
I go in on presents for my grandmother & grandparents.
My 2 cousins.
Christmas Eve Secret Santa thing.
His parents.
Both his sisters and their husbands
His 2 nieces and nephew.
His 2 cousins
2 of his aunts.
TCS Secret Santa

So.... in total that's .... 24 people I shop for. And usually I buy some treats for our kitties.
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This year we buying only for our family. Dh 17yr- Daughter 11yr- Son 5yr -Daughter. two dogs and three cats. I will also buy a small gift for our neighbours. They are always there for us.
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well i shop for

2 bro's
my partner
his 2 parents
nan and grandad
my auntie and uncle
my 2 kittens and my mams kitten
my closest friend and her little one and partner

so not to many
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I still buy/make (make this year) presents for my aging parents (even though mom is impossible to figure out, and dad says don't do anything), both my brother and sister, and whatever friends I find inspiring stuff for! (an example: a friend of my LOVES sheep... so I found some fabric panels at work of a sheep playing in all four seasons... I'm going to lightly quilt each one, starting with Winter... I may get all four done for Christmas, but we'll see... but I gotta come up with something for his wife... who's a closer friend...)

And then I buy for the cats... two of them. Although they REALLY don't need more toys... they have more than enough... Maybe a couple kitty beds or something... but I'd make those. No SS's this year...

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Here is my list:

Mum and Dad,
5 sisters,
My brother,
My nan,
6 nieces and nephews,
My two best friends, plus their children x 2.

Phew! I'm done
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32 people and that is just the immediate family!!
Not buying for the cats, the pup destroys thier toys anyway!
Not buying for the dogs, they have enough and the house is a disater area!

I haven't even started
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Oh wow. Uh, 19, and I'm about 1/3 of the way done
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Let's see, I've bought my SS presents, my Mom's, sister's and brother and sister-in-laww' so I still need to get a present for my club, my two cats, my sister's three cats, and my brother and sister-in- law's dog.
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
2 cats
1 wife
4 parents (including his)
1 TCS friend
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This year I've already bought (and given) Rob's gift. We also have some family Xmas thing where we spend $25 each on a person under 18 (a couple gets two kids) and $50 for a couple...something Rob's family does.

We also have to buy for:
My mom, my dad, my brother
Rob's mom, his dad, his brother

I'm also packaging my TCS SS gift tonight (finally got something to keep everything from shifting in the box!)

That's all I believe. Easy Xmas this year because of the house stuff we have to buy and preparing for a mortgage payment in Jan/Feb.
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