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GRRR I cant stand irresponsible people!

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Ok, let me give you a little background on this.

As most of you know, I got my cat Mittens from my boss. I convinced her to get a cat, despite her doubts because of the safety of her parrots. I thought she could teach Mittens to stay away from the birds. When she decided she wanted to get rid of her, I tried to tell her to lock up Mittens while the birds were out, or take the birds into a different room and shut the door. Well she wouldnt do that. Now she is with me. But anyway, my boss got Mittens from a friend of mine, whose cat had a litter. I told my friend that he should get the mother spayed, and he did, but they got rid of her.

A few months ago, the friend brought a cat to my work, who actually looked alot like Mittens' mother, who they had rehomed. This cat is actually still a kitten, probably around 10 or so months old. She is a BEAUTIFUL grey polydactyl, and she is so sweet, everytime i have held her she was purring like crazy. Her name is Skittles. When i saw her, i told him that he should get her spayed right away, in order to prevent her from having kittens, since they were having a hard time getting rid of Mittens and her brothers and sisters. Also, this kitten is really small for her age. Well, the friend was just at my house last night with my BF, and he wanted me to let people know that there were going to be more kittens and to help him find homes for them when theyre old enough to leave mom. I was like, "Whos pregnant?" i honestly dont know how many cats he has, or dogs actually, they have alot of animals, and he usually comes here. He told me Skittles was pregnant. I said, but i thought u were getting her spayed? He SAYS they had an appointment set up, but she snuck out the door and he caught her mating with TWO males. Now, i am not sure if he even had an appt set up, and i doubt this cat snuck out, Mittens' mother was allowed outside. But what angers me the most is this cat should have BEEN SPAYED for a few months now, she is more than old enough for the procedure.

Im sorry but i CANT STAND IT when people take on animals and dont do the responsible thing. Do right by your animals, YOU are the one taking them on, YOU are the one who makes decisions for them, and YOU are the one who carries the decisions out! This kid has a good heart, and im sure he feels like he is doing the right thing, but his whole family should have learned their lesson when Mittens' mom came home pregnant. Now IM stressed out because i want these kittens to go to loving homes and now i feel responsible to help him find them homes. Sorry but i had to rant to people who would most likely understand why i am so upset about this.
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Tell him to get her spayed now it's not too late before she has her babies..they will only charge a little bit extra..
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Honestley, I don't think people care that much if they are letting them out and get knocked up all the time.

People like that need to go to a shelter and hold an entire litter of kittens as they are being euthanized.
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I am with you 110%, KiTTYL0VE4. I truly have to question the sanity of people who needlessly and carelessly cause pain and suffering to animals they purport to love.
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I too find that really irresponsible. Cats should have all vaccines regardless of whether or not they are indoor or outdoor cats. They should most definatly be spayed/neutered. There are way too many homeless pets in the shelters as it is. I myself have not gotten my cat spayed as she has an allergy to the anaesthetic. The ingredients that actually make them fall asleep. her last surgery I almost lost her because of it and I am not willing to take that risk. However her kittens will be spayed/neutered as soon as they are old enough. I live on a farm with 12 cats. Snow is the only indoor cat. Not spayed. the others are ferals and all are spayed/neutered. The ferals were all kittens when we finally moved into the farm house. There was a male adult and 2 female adults with kittens. I have since taken to feeding them everyday.
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Here you get charged $100 if your pet (purposefully or accidentally) gets pregnant. They call it a breeders permit. That is where there are a lot of people who's cats have kittens and they never take them to the vet for shots or deworming and then give them away free, so they don't get caught.

This is what our ordinance says...it is only for people in the city limits.

Breeders Permit:
Any person who allows the breeding of a cat or dog (either intentionally or accidentally) is required to obtain a breeders permit for a $100 fee. If the offspring and mother are taken to the Nebraska Humane society for disposition, no fee is required. If the owner has the mother spayed within three months of producing a litter the $100 fee is refunded.

I didn't even know this ordinance existed until tonight, and I'm sure there are plenty others that don't either. We recently had a ton of new animal laws put into affect, so that might be one of them.
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