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Growling cat... What's wrong?

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Hello, we have a 3 year old cat who has recently (week tops) started 'growling' as best as I can describe it.

He's gotten to be almost mean... I'm sure it's because there is something wrong with him.

This morning I woke up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and he was kind of sitting funny in the corner by the wall and where the bathtub meet. The other cat walked by and he made the growling noise and swatted at the smaller one.

Nothing has changed at all in his diet, or environment, or anything. We live in an apartment so he's not outside to get rabies or anything crazy like that.

Anyone else ever experience anything like this?! We're going to take him to the vet this evening or tomorrow to get him checked out. Possibly crystals? But he's on Iam's weight-control (low ash) and has been for about 2 years.

If anyone has had this or heard of this and has any insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys/gals!
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i have two kitties, Daisy and Venus. Daisy is kinda laid back, whereas Venus is the super dooper hyper one.

Both kitties do play together. However, at times, Daisy gets a little irritated during play times, and growls a little at Venus. Just a soft and harmless growl. Venus is deaf, and of course, cso she can't a thing, and simply just plays happily on, as always.

Daisy finds that it is easier just to run to another room.

Could your kitty be kinda irritated or upset?

The last rescued kitty i brought in the house growls a tremendous lot!! Sandy hissed and growled at Daisy and Venus whenever they passed him by. My girls were so frightened of Sandy. i guessed he was being defensive. i am not altogether sure myself. i was wondering if your kitty is being defensive?

Just sharing on a personal level.

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He growls at us too. Not a mean growl more than it is "I am annoyed" or wanting help when it's with us. More offensive when to the little one.

Update, he just started peeing everywhere. I mentioned he was sitting funny I think? He gets in the peeing position and sits there. That started this morning and just a few minutes ago he peed in one of the bedrooms... right in front of our face like he can't help it. Poor guy. I hope he'll be okay.

I am taking him into the vet at 2:00.
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Yeah.. sounds like a vet visit is in order. Keep us posted okay?

Take care of you and take care of your furbaby!

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Yup - he probaly has has a UTI - glad you are getting to see your vet so quickly. Let us know how he is.
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sounds like a UTI to me too, hope he feels better soon!
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Just got back from the vet. He's on some medication now as well as the vet thought there were some possible signs (early tho, thank god) of stones/crystals. We've got him on some Hill's s/d right now so the next 72 hours will be important he says.
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Thanks for keeping us posted.

Hope and pray for speedy recovery!!

Hugs and kisses for your kitty!

Please keep us posted still, thanks!

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These kittens look awefully young, the growling could be typical kitten behavior, but it also could be something else.

Good choice taking him to the vet! Speak to the vet about the food, IMO Iam's is NOT a good food, least not worth your buck, not to mention all the things... they have done... that I can no legally mention on the board.
This kitten looks REALLY young, and should be on a kitten forumulated diet, or a food for kittens and adult cats, not a lite formula, unless there are other certain health factors you and your vet have taken into consideration.
Kittens will be a little pudgy, this is normal and healthy.

Sorry just read the updated information....
Which SD formula do you have him on?
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