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I know I haven't been around for awhile

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had some family issues to deal with...my stepfather isn't doing that well..and I've had a lot on my mind lately so...thats why I havent' been here...
I have been working on some new photos and I'll post some soon.

I'm trying to convince my mother to at least get my stepfather assessed for a home..his mind is going and there are days when he doesn't remember who my mother is...and he doesn't remember that his own mother has passed away a long time ago.he still thinks that she's sick...

I don't know..some days aren't bad others..well he gets angry..and takes it out on my mother..he's scared and doesn't know what is happening to him.
He talks to himself in mirrors and well.each mirror has a different person...
I've been frustrated lately...
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Yikes, that sounds difficult to deal with!
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My mother had dementia. It is very difficult . I am sorry you are dealing with this
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That's so sad, i'm so sorry Fiona(Tallulah) was on the phone to me the other night, and she was wondering where you had been because she loves your quiz threads
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I am so sorry to here that. Dementia is so hard to deal with, I can say that unfortunately I have a lot of experience with this disease (both my Grandmas). We took my Grandmother in to live with us against the Doctors recommendation. We had her with us for four years, it’s been 2 since she died and I am still traumatized by the experience.

The only thing I can say is have patience… remember, while he is still your step dad, he is really not all there. I learned how to play tricks on my Grandma. She always wanted to go home thinking she was just visiting. She would fight and argue, make my Mom cry. Finally I would just say “Ok! Time to go home!†drive her around the block, go back home open the door for her and tell her how everyone was looking forward to her visit. She would walk in, give everyone hugs and kisses and be so happy she was visiting us.

Patience… it’s extremely important. Always remember no matter what he does not mean to do what he is doing, he can’t control it. Never take things seriously, take a moment to breath if it gets too hard. Find ways to work around whatever phase he is going through. Trust me, my family used to get so frustrated and try and argue with my Grandma saying “This is your home, you live here now†“Your Son is 60, not 8†Etc. There is absolutely no point in arguing, it will only stress you both out. Like I said you learn how to trick them… no matter how frustrated you get it’s always easier to go around the truth (I know it sounds mean) then to argue.

I wish you the best… such a hard disease… I’m seeing it in my Mom now and its killing me.
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thanks everyone..yes it is hard..and its my mother that sees him daily..and I told her not to get mad at him...he doesn't know what he is doing...and well..he's finding new spots that he thinks...is..the um...bathroom..
she has home care while she's at work..but no real help after work...
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