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My Poor baby NyghtShade

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I think this is where I would put this.

Last night we found like red liquid on our bed, and it didn't smell too good. Turned out Shadey has a hole in her skin on her shoulder. I cleaned it, and it doesn't look horrible.

I have to fast her tonight and take her in first thing in the morning. The vet said since she is eating, drinking, using the litterbox, and playing that she will be okay until tomorrow morning.

I don't know if it is bad enough to warrant a vet visit, but I figure better safe then sorry. I don't like playing roulette with my baby's health. I would rather pay money for nothing then have to burry my cat or have her not feeling good when it could have been prevented.

I just wonder how it happened. She doesn't go around the other animals cuz she is in the bedroom with the door closed. We have to keep her in there cuz they blamed her for cat pee on stuff, when their cat was peeing on stuff since way before our cat ever left Wyoming.

I'm so glad she has an appointment tomorrow morning.
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Taking her to the vet is a great idea - good luck!
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I'm also glad she'll be seeng the vet. Lots of good wishes and that she's back to her old self in no time.
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I'm glad you are taking her in to the vet today. It may be nothing, but better safe than sorry.

Let us know what you find out!

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Do you have any Cactus in your place?
Meeko had a hole by her butt that oozes red stuff also.
The vet said either my others cats did it or the cactus.
She had clavamox and some liquid med I had to put on it.
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No cactuses in the house, and she is in the bedroom and there are none in there. I drop her off at the vet this morning. It looks so much better. The fur around it fell out, and it looks clean and good. She's still going to the vet though. I don't know where it came from, and I am worried maybe she has a skin problem or something. Better safe then sorry with her. She's still acting normal, other then her fasting over night for the vet visit. She spent all night waking me up to remind me to give her food and water. Poor girl. I just kept cuddling her and she would fall asleep for a while, then wake me up again. She was pretty restless.

be safe
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She's good. She didn't have to be put under anesthetic. They said that they didn't know what caused her sore. It looks good, a little swollen, but clean. He cleaned up around it, and put some medicine on it. She got an antibiotic shot.

He also checked out her scent glands, wich get clogged frequently. I guess that is very uncommon in cats. Out of 4 cats I've had 2 have had problems with it. They said that when cats do get it they are usually nervous or high strung cats. That accounts for one of my cats. NyghtShade isn't really nervous, or maybe she is, but laid back at the same time? So she will be getting canned food more often, that will please her. So 3 to 4 times a week she will get her fave soft food. Yay for her!!

She also has vaginitus. They think that was caused from her constant irritation from her bocked scent glands, and her licking them. They think that she licked some of the bacteria to the other spot and caused an infection. She's on antibiotics, strong enough to keep infection away, and to clear up her infection. She also has some little pain pills. My little baby, taking pills, and a liquid med. So... She won't be having any pain, and her little infection will get cleared up.

She doesn't have a urinary tract infection, they checked for that, as well as some other tests the performed on her. She is a healthy cat otherwise!! $180 later... She's worth more money then I can imagine ever having in my lifetime. I'm glad she went. She was a good girl at the vet.

One odd thing... While I was waiting to pick her up, all these people were coming in to get their dogs. This little girl looked at me and asked me what my dog's name was. I told her I didn't have a dog, and she just started at me with her mouth wide open. I was wondering ... do people not have cats as pets? Or do they just not take them to the vet? After probably a half of a minute she recovered and asked me what my cat's name was. Hmmm... Am I strange for having and loving my cat? Or am I strange for taking her to the vet? Hmmm...

Be safe!
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I'm glad to hear she's going to be okay. It's good you had her checked out.
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