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The question is if the government will appeal it. The supreme court is right - it is discriminatory.
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<<The court decision dismisses every argument from the federal Justice Department, including its contention that the purpose of marriage is procreation. >>

Uhh, so according to the federal Justice Department, women should not get married after they have gone through menopause?
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Canada is getting calls from all over the world from homosexuals wanting to marry. Maybe this will help our tourism issue after SARs!
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In a world where gender is becoming increasingly irrelevant, i don't see why the law shouldn't change to accurately reflect the society it governs.

We all forget we have thousands of years of evolution ahead of us. In the future, same sex marriages will be an everyday affair.
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I've just been reading this thread, missed it before, and here's my 2c worth.

I think if a couple, be it heterosexual or homosexual love eachother then it is no one else's business but their's if they get married. Their families even have no real right to meddle with their happiness and so strangers like us and the law makers of our various countries CERTAINLY do not. What gets me is that people who are against it are giving pretty lame reasons, if it's religion then would those people make single mothers, divorcees and children born out of wedlock outcasts? Would they deny them the same rights everyone else has? Religion is responsible, unfortunately, for so much hatred and non-understanding of anyone a bit different in their way of life than what they DEEM to be right, let me just say that I believe in God, but with me it's a more personal belief because I don't think I could believe in a God who took away his love from people for ANY reason, God is unconditional. So, that's the religious thing, then there's the fact that people say that homosexual couples FLAUNT themselves, that I think is utterly unfair.

Do not heterosexual couples flaut themselves, making out all over the place, when you kiss your partner in the street, because you love him, or her, does that mean you're flaunting it? No because everyone thinks it's normal. Surely "normal" should be two respectful people sharing their love and lives together. When I hug my boyfriend in the street, or kiss him after a lovely night out, at least I don't have to worry about people making jeers and being offensive. Surely you all can see that this is enough of an excuse to try to stand up to the world and show that they're not afraid to be seen to be who they essentially are. Why is that flaunting it?

Gay culture, I find to be very full and still blossoming, because finally some wiser politicians are realising that it is ridiculous to put down people just because they find their own sex attractive. I can't really understand why people have a problem with this. They're not hurting you or anyone with their actions. Please think about it.
What business is it of our's? ANd if you don't like it then just don't look, it's that simple. But don't say they flaunt it, because when people see a young heterosexual couple kissing, they say awwwwwww look at young love, so why is it the moment they are homosexual it suddenly becomes FLAUNTING?

As for the children issue, this world has so many children born into heterosexual abusive homes, heterosexual people for whom, it's "OK" to have kids, treating them as commodities, abusing them, domineering them or abandoning them, so why would it be wrong for a loving gay couple to have a child? I say it's great, especially those couples who want to adopt children who need love. I honestly think we're all sitting on a throne of judgement we just don't belong on if we start thinking of gay people as "abnormal", I sure as hell wouldn't class myself pure enough to cast any first stone, especially at a culture that is asking only for the same rights as hetero people have. There is just no JUST reason for preventing them, love is love. Full stop.

(P.S. sorry about the length)
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*applause* i agree...
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Very well said Linka!
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finally. as for all these people who seem to find it so very distasteful that some gay people go on "pride" marches. Imagine you are dating/in a relationship with someone yet if you were to hold hands/kiss in public you would attract verbal and physical abuse (including being asked/told to stop by police...for holding hands and offending public decency). Imagine then for a minute that you are also surrounded by hundreds of straight people everyday( read: normal people.... because most do)and these couples can hold hands at fairs, ¨kiss in the street and no one bats an eyelid. Imagine then that once a year or so there is a public gathering where you can walk and feel comfortable along with other peolpe like you, where you can kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend as much as you want. Imagine then, reading that some of these straight people have a problem with such a public display when they are free to do so whenever and wherever they please.


This was posted on about page 2 or 3, and I have just found this thread.....so what I have to say is probably repeat, but just for the record.....

I personally don't like any public displays of affection. I don't care if it's holding hands, kissing, putting an arm around the other's waist, whatever.....I think it's rude, and not appropriate. I have had one bf, I'm not gay, but I can't imagine seeing myself in one of those types of relationships, where it's all based on the outside "reflection" and what ppl think. I hate it when ppl come into the restaurant where I work, and they are all over each other, kissing, holding hands, not paying attention to you b/c they are busy making out where they shouldn't be. I don't find it at all attractive, or going to make me more attracted to a certain person b/c of pda's. In fact, it would turn me off more. If you are going to do pda stuff, do it at home.

This may sound rude or whatever, but that's what I think. My parents do that in public, my sister and her husband don't, none of my friends & bf/gf do. I think sure you can be hanging out together, and for the most part, if you are together, most everyone knows. What's the big deal? If I'm going out with someone, I don't want the whole world to know about it, just the important ppl in my life.

I personally don't believe in the whole scientific theory thing. No reason really, I just don't believe in it. I also don't believe in evolution, that we came from apes.

You are what you are what you are. As long as one of my friends who might be gay doesn't force me on their preference fine. But as soon as someone does that, we are not friends anymore. Maybe it's just cuz I grew up in the country, and am not around this type of behaviour a lot, but it disturbs me.

I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but it's just my opinion.
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