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She once was lost but now is found.

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Well my hamster escaped from her ball while out for a run. This was 3 days ago now. I found her tonight. Well actually Snow found her. She was batting her around a bit and carrying her in her mouth. I finally got Dora back though. She is in her cage now. But she seems really disoriented. Though not at all stressed. I thought if anything she would be stressed about being put into such a small area after running around the house for 3 days. Her right eye is half shut. I don't know what happened to her. I wonder if Snow maybe hurt her eye when batting her. Dora also seems to be moving quite slowly now. She used to run around in her cage. She's not limping though. I would pick her up and examine her a little more but when I first tried to grab her to put her in the cage she bit me really hard. Understandable. When she was put in her cage she went right to the corner where her water bottle was. (After 24 hours of not being able to find her I gave up hope thinking Snow had already got her) So I reassembled her cage. (put her house back and water bottle) She has been drinking like crazy. She doesn't seem too interested in her food though. I think she have eaten some of Snow's on her holiday. Do you think I should bring Dora into a vet or maybe just give her a little more time?
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Awww poor little adventurer. I think I'd get her eye checked out by the vet, as well as give her a once-over general check. Poor little bugger
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I would take her to the vet ...
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I had my vet come down to the farm yesterday to take a look at my oldest mare. Her shoe had chipped. She's okay. I asked him to look at Dora. needless t say Dora loves him. Climbed right up his arm and just nusseled under his chin. it was cute. He told me the slowness was most likely to not drinking for those 3 days. As for her eye Snow did scratch her lid. poor Dora. I now have to use drops for her eye. The dropper is so tiny. But other than that Dora is perfectly fine now. And I have the vet coming coming again today to take a look at all the kittens and mommy. Snow had a fifth. white again.
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Aww glad Dora is ok(very cute name btw)
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I am glad Dora is alright. My daughter used to have a hamster. No matter what we did it escaped. It always hid in the muffin tin. In the bottom drawer of the stove . Jack would just curl up and go to sleep.
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Dora was named after Dora the explorer. My god daughter named her. Sad to say my little explorer has gotten out once again. Looked all over again. Dang she's good at hiding
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