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Cell phone ban while driving?

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Would this be a good or bad thing? They are currently trying to pass this into law in Ontario. What do you think?

To some they’re a boon. To others a bane. But whatever you think of the use of cell phones in the car, they may soon be against the law. Durham M.P.P. John O’Toole’s private member’s bill to ban mobile phones while driving passed second reading at Queen’s Park Thursday.

The new law was proposed after an inquest last September probing the death of a man and his 2-year-old daughter. They were hit by a train while the father was talking on a cell phone. The legislation would only allow the use of a hands free set, and while police welcome the initiative, they worry it doesn’t go far enough. “Using the cell phone is not something that you should be doing while you're operating a motor vehicle,†insists Sgt. Ted Hotlzheuser.

But drivers are mixed on the idea. “I don't think it's a problem because I'm always watching,†assures Brandon Mulder. But Raffaela Dodaro is glad she’ll still be able to converse while commuting. “I get a lot of use out of my ear set because I'm not concentrating on holding that phone and I've got more stability on my steering wheel.†The proposed legislation could become law by the end of June.

The bill also proposes banning the use of other technological devices like Palm Pilots and fax machines while driving. But it won’t apply in the case of an emergency.
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In Singapore, it is illegal to drive whilst talking on the cell phone. It is considered a very dangerous act.

Personally, i feel it is a huge distraction. Very often, while driving on the road in the city, i encountered many drivers using their cellular phones whilst driving.

Very often, these drivers who talk on their hand phones whilst driving would not pay 100% attention to matters on the road. They are not as focused. There may be potential road dangers or signals that require full attention AND focus.

Recent studies have shown a marked increase in accidents occurring while drivers talk on cell phone whilst driving.

i feel that whilst driving, it is best not to be distracted. If there is a need to use the phone, i would think it is viable to pull the vehicle aside for afew minutes to talk on the phone. i feel that this is a safer way.

Personally, i feel that eating in the car and listening to very loud music posed as a big distraction as well.

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In the UK it's illegal to drive whilst holding a mobile phone - however it is OK to use a hands freed device. There is a school of thought that is keen to ban this also, as they do say it is a distraction.

A couple of years ago, when I was 'on the road' I used my phone non-stop. I KNOW that you mentally stop focusing on the road and other drivers if you have to think about what you are saying or what someome else is saying - especially if it's not just chit-chat but work-related.

From another point of view, banning mobile calls whilst driving will also mean that there is a degree of pressure removed and that people will not be 'constantly on call'. This is a good thing from a human perspective, as things are becoming increasingly frantic and pressured for the workforce in western countries.

Pardon typos - I'm breaking in one of these split, ergonomic keyboards
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It's still legal here in PA. I admit to using my phone while driving, since I am on the road for work a lot. I do use a handsfree headset, though, and I would only use the phone without the headset in an emergency. I think you need both hands on the wheel!
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I ALWAYS use my hands-free in the car. People in Tucson drive crazily, anyway. Trying to juggle steering wheel, phone and a cigarette is too much for me. I've had too many close calls, with some idiot, who's driving one-handed, yammering away and not looking where they're going.
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I think there is a *very* serious problem with allowing cell phone use while driving. Even if it is hands free, most people are using the phone for more serious discussions (ie:business calls). Because of the serious nature of these calls, there is no way you can totally concentrate on the road, surrounding drivers and your business discussion.

I'm totally against any cell phone use in cars, if you need to make a call pull the car over. I've seen too many serious accidents blamed on cell phone use and my life is worth a lot more than a phone call.

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It is illegal in Michigan to drive and talk on a hand held phone. You can talk on a hands free phone though.
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It's okay to use hands-free devices while driving in Germany, but I don't. If I have to make a call, I find a place to park, and I don't want to be distracted by the phone ringing while I'm driving, so it's turned off. I really believe that a lot of accidents have been caused by people talking on cell phones. And face it - do we really want to be "available" all the time?
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I think it's a great idea! I believe in VA (where we used to live and hope to move back to) they have been banned, unless you have the hands free equipment.

There are SO many accidents in the DC area, it's impossible to go on a drive and not see at least one. The person behind you and infront, all on cell phones, all not paying attention. Banning them while driving is a GREAT idea. If it's that urgent, pull over, or wait until you get to your destination. There is such a thing as VOICE MAIL. And if the call isn't important enough to leave a message, then no worries.

Though I wish they had not banned the use of um... hand geastures in VA. They have so much road rage there. You can flip someone off, you aren't even technically suppose to wave at anyone anymore incase someone else takes it the wrong way, It was hard to remember for a long time, cause I probably gave the middle finger to at least 2 people a day down there, lololol.
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I think that the only time a driver should be allowed to talk on a cell phone while driving is when it is an emergency and they need to call 911. Examples of this situation would be if the driver was being followed or chased by another car or if the driver was alone and witnessed a crime in progress or an accident and was summoning help.
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Originally posted by TNCatFancier
I think that the only time a driver should be allowed to talk on a cell phone while driving is when it is an emergency and they need to call 911. Examples of this situation would be if the driver was being followed or chased by another car or if the driver was alone and witnessed a crime in progress or an accident and was summoning help.
Yeah, I agree. They should only be used in emergencies like you said.
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I actually saw a wreck happen today because of a person chatting on a cell phone and not paying attention. A friend of mine was with his father and got rear ended by a lady while she was chatting on her cellphone. His father just recently got out of the hospital, he had pretty bad back and neck injuries.

In my opinion cell phones should be used for emergencies and/or to tell parents, s/o, friends etc.. where you are so people don't worry about you. In public places, and in vehichles they aren't very good or considerate.

Thats just how I feel tho
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I use a headset while driving......always. To me it's just the same as talking to a passenger when my hands are free to drive.

I see holding the phone as a distraction....along with eating, applying make-up, or one of 150 other things that drivers do while driving.
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Deb25: It's been proven that even talking on the hands free phones or talking to passengers is a distraction which can lead to accidents as well. Hence why some people like the decision of no calls PERIOD, hands free or not, while the car is in motion.

TNCatFancier: LOL. Well that happens all too often in VA. Though in a lot of cases we have decided not to call the police about it, but other times we have. They've got real driving problems down there. :/
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I don't disagree with you, but the majority of drivers have SOMETHING going on that doesn't include driving. Music, passengers, kids, food, you name it. I didn't like having to hold the cell phone while driving. To me, that was a distraction. Hands-free doesn't bother me at all. One of my friends uses the speaker phone option while driving. I just don't view it as any worse a distraction than talking to a passenger.
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Yeah I understand. There are many things people do every day that they probably shouldn't be doing, or at least not at that time.
Sometimes my fiance will be driving down unknown and windy roads at fast speeds while holding a conversation about the true infinity of the universe with me, lol. I consider myself his 2nd pair of eyes, whenever he takes his eyes off the road for any reason, mine are looking out for us. I do that with anyone actually, because personally, I think MOST people are horrible drivers.

I prefer the handsfree technique if you feel you must use your cell phone. It worry's me because of how you have to tilt your head to speak on the phone other wise, and that gives you a slightly different angle and perspective while your driving, and thusly perhaps inproper reaction time.
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All I can say is that anyone who has survived bickering, whining kids in the car and not driven into a tree could probably talk on a cell phone, eat a 3 course meal, have a manicure, and juggle while driving.
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lol I just zone out the kids, I seemed to have been given that special gift!
I am very paranoid about other people driving and doing other things at the same time. If I'm behind someone who's on a cellphone, or reading a news paper etc, I give them LOTS of room. I'm great at multitasking, as many people are, but I try to minimize it while driving, I would just feel so horrible if I ever injured or killed someone due to my need to eat a hamburger RIGHT THEN. Yeah know?
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This old topic? Sorry guys...this has been law in Australia for around two years now, if not more. If caught you receive a $100 and one demerit point, (12 demerit points = suspended license).

It hasn't really been a great deterrant at all despite hands free kits being available. Also, it has been extremely difficult to police and therefore enforce. Though you can always tell who is talking on a cell phone, (mobile phone or mobile in Australia should you ever visit), without a handsfree kit, they drift between lanes, drive slower, experience difficulty changing gears, have difficulty turning a corner, or are quite visibly holding a mobile to their ear.

Personally when I drive, I switch my phone off. If the call is THAT important, they can leave a message, otherwise they can forget it. I'm not about to put my life and others at risk because of one phone call.
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Loveless: hahaha you just discribed about all the drivers in the DC area regaurdless of cell phone useage.
Every time I would go out driving I would say to myself "I wonder how many near death experiences I will have today!"

"Though you can always tell who is talking on a cell phone, (mobile phone or mobile in Australia should you ever visit), without a handsfree kit, they drift between lanes, drive slower, experience difficulty changing gears, have difficulty turning a corner, or are quite visibly holding a mobile to their ear"
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this is already active in new york city, but hardly anyone obeys. I think its a good law. I hate ppl that talk and drive at the same time. the road is dangerous as is, we dont need more distractions.
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I dont think cell phones should be banned. Not everyone who has a cell phone while driving is irresponsible. I have a cell phone and can drive & talk at the same time .... It's pretty much the same concept as having a human passenger sitting next to you. It's the irresponsible ones who are to blame, and they are the ones who will probably have this law passed.

I did learn my lesson on backing out of a parking spot and talking on a cell phone though, but we wont go into that THAT was pure dumb.
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Tigger did you do a silly thing? Hey it happens. I personally think that you shouldn't really talk on a cell phone unless it's absolutely necessary, but since my job requires me to have one I understand the other side of the coin also. If my cell phone rings while I am driving, I will try and pull over, but if I can't then I will take the call, let the person know that if I ignore them it's not intentional, I am just driving and I don't want to be very distracted, and of course I try and keep it very short. or I will tell the person if it isn't someone from work, that I will call them back when I can.It all depends on the situation I guess. but then there are the kids who seem to have those darn things stuck to their heads I swear. Those are the ones I fear on the road. They are the ones I have almost gotten into accidents with I'd say about 75% of the time. next comes the mobile offices as my S/O calls them. You know the people who live and work out of their cars and seem to for some reason have what looks like their whole office in their car and they are always opening their briefcases and talking on the phones or writing something down and talking on the phone in other words, totally not paying attention to the road or anything but work.
they scare me also.
Just my opinion.
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I would LOVE this to be a law in CA. I hate getting stuck behind a line of 4 cars abreast going 40 miles an hour because they're all on cell phones. We have a lot of LA traffic where people think they're all that so they're always on the dang phone and screwing up traffic.
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In Israel Its also illegal. Not that people don't do it... they just do it less - and pay a LOT if caught!
I think its a good law. It is a distraction, and while driving - any distraction is dangerouse.
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