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Noooooo not my car!!!!

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I went to the store today for some groceries before I picked up the boys and when I came out, somoene had hit my car!!!!

They tore part of the bumper off on the passenger side! It's not totally ripped off but it's just hanging there. I think it broke the clips that hold it on.

I don't remember what cars were parked next to me when I went in and when I came out the space next to me was empty.

I called the police to report it and was told that w/o anyone seeing what happened that it would be useless to report it

My insurance is a $500 deductable and right now, I don't have it.

I'm hoping Brandon or our friend can fix it.

I almost cried when I seen it!

I just kept saying "Noooooooo Not my car... Not MY car.. My Mustang!"

I'm sure the cops thought I was crazy
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That is so sad!!! I hope you can get it fixed horrible that the person who hit you didn't have the sense to stay and find out who's car it was...

Our Explorer's passenger side mirror was busted off TWICE this past winter...the first time they didn't break it off all the way, so we were able to duct tape it on, and went in search of a new one; before we were able to order a new one, who ever broke it off initially came back, and finished the job! I think they were trying to break in, but when they noticed the 'theft' light inside flashing, they probably figured they'd just 'do what they could, and leave before someone could come out...I figure it was the same people who DID vandalize hubby's car earlier in that summer. No honesty left in some people, that's for sure!!!

Anyway, good luck, and hugs being sent your way!!!
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Sorry that happened

Isn't there a security camera in the lot? Ask the mall and find out. If there is you may well be able to see the car actually hit you and that would be enough to report it.
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Most stores now have security cameras outside. Might be possible for the store to view their cameras for that time of day and see who hit your car.
I would call the store and see if they do have a parking lot security camera.
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Oh, man that stinks! I feel your pain. My senior year of high school, somebody totally wrecked my passenger's side door while I was parked in the school lot. I was furious! I know who did it (I found my paint on their car - and my car was an unusual color - and their paint on mine), but they never were held responsible.

I do wonder, though... maybe there was a camera in your case, like Natalie_ca and gardencats suggested. That would be wonderful!
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I hope that there are security cameras.

Years ago, my car was parked in an end space in a mall parking lot. I went to get into the car when there was a note on my car saying that my passenger side had been hit (by a car parked there illegally). The person left there name and number and a description of the car and its license plate. The girl who hit my car tried to say she didn't but the police didn't buy it. I got lucky in this case.
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
I hope that there are security cameras..

Is very disapointing my friend......I´m sorry about it...

you need a big hug!..
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That is terrible. I hope that there is cameras. at least then you might be able to go after the nasty person.
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That's so frustrating! Someone smashed my door by letting go of a shopping cart at the top of an incline. I had to pry my door open.
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I asked them if they had security cameras and was told they don't

It wasn't a chain store I went to. Just a gas station..

But, luckily, my honeydo was able to fix it today
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