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Update on Lucas

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hello eveyone:

I've been wanting to post an update on my cat Lucas but my life has been hell the last two weeks, he has been so sick, the sickest he has ever been.

Lucas was diagnosed with an autoinmune disease, his body attacks certain tissues in his mouth, his face and ears. His ears and face hasn't been that bad, they get red and swollen and he scratches a lot, that is why we all thought it was food allergies or some other kind of allergies.

I took Lucas to the vet on Monday November 24 and he was prescribed Prednisolone, only that. I started giving it to him, but then he started getting worse and stopped eating because his mouth was all red, his lips were bleeding, he was a mess, so i called the vet on Wednesday and he told me to give him Ensure if he wasn't eating or Nutrical. I did that, but on Thanksgiving day he got even worse, his mouth looked terrible and he coulnd't even swallow, he had a fever and some of his toes were beeding. To my horror the vet closed his office the whole weekend and I was so worried that i went to another vet and he told me to start him on antibiotics right away and I did and now he is better.

I have an appointment with Lucas' vet next Monday to change the prednisolone dose and to see how he is doing.

I have to say I'm very worried, I'm terrifed because I don't want Lucas to be that sick again, it was horrible. The pain was so bad that he trembled all night and he cried, I coulnd't even touch him because he cried, it looked like his whole body was hurting.

I'm thinking of buying Transfer Factor for Lucas, thanks Pami for letting me know about it. I have to see where I can buy it.

Thank you all

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Tamar, I am so sorry all of this is happening.

Here is a link that Tammie posted, with some good info. You can scroll all the way down and see where to order. You can also click on "Jakes Miracle" and read and look and some pics of how it helped sweet Jake.

I am sending you all of my best wishes for you and Lucas. Hes so lucky to have you, Tamar
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Thanks so much Pami, Jake's story is amazing and now i have hope that Transfer factor will help my Lucas. I can't imagine my life without him, I found him abandoned when he was three weeks old and he has been my special baby ever since. We are so close.

I will go order TF now

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Oh no! I am horrifed. poor baby Lucas!! I just don't know what I would have done if my cat was bleeding like scary!

Mega vibes for you and Lucas! He is so super sweet. hang in there!
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Thank you so much! The vet told me his condition can be triggered by stress, so we are trying to keep him as calmed as possible.

I know I'm not supposed to post pics here but I just wanted to show you all a couple of pics of Lucas:

here he is when he was getting better with the antibiotics and the prednisolone, as you can see he was red and his mouth was not good at all. But this is good when I compare it with how he was at first.

here is Lucas now, he is doing a lot better, but I'm so scared of him getting another episode, I'm scared

he is getting so spoiled! But he deserves everything that he gets, he is the best baby in the world.
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Tamar you are doing everything you are suppose to do in finding help for your baby boy. Im sure you will find it.
That last pic is so adorable.
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Awww...look at him resting. So cute.
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He's absolutely gorgeous!!

Would a little Rescue Remedy help to keep him more relaxed?

I use Transfer Factor (well, okay, my cat does teehee), have since the beginning of October - for my big boy Taco who has osteosarcoma of the soft tissue (malignant tumors of the scruff area). I've done it to help boost his immune system, to hopefully help prevent the spread of this nasty cancer - and to keep him feeling good for as long as possible. I think it's wonderful. If you didn't see the huge big lumps on him (2), you wouldn't know he had cancer......for 15.5 yrs, he looks very healthy.
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