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Loo Privacy (Pix)

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Recently, i got a tent for my furbabies, just to ensure they get their privacy when they do their businesses.

Here are some pix:

Top view.

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View from front entrance.
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Side view of Loo.

The opening entrance can be flapped down, creating a flapping door. Daisy and Venus love playing with the door.

It is fun to see them running in and out of the tent, oops, i mean their new loo.

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How cute is that?? I bet Rocky and Fluffy would absolutely love one!
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Wow, that tent must be sizable! How spoiled your furbabies are! Great idea!
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Kathy: It is really fun for them.. i think your babies would love it! It is just for their amusement.. teehee!

Amy: Surprising, this is a good size. It is very easy to set up. It took me about 5 minutes, as the instructions were very clear and easy to follow.

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Gurlpower - this tent is neat - I am looking for something that my cats can use - where did you get it from?
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Now if only they would grant us the same privacy when it's our turn to use the bathroom....
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Can you believe the price?? :BIG HUGE SMILES!!:

Kellye, i got it from Ikea. It is priced at $14.95. Highly recommended, and this item is DEFINITELY in my "EXTREMELY good buy list."

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That is a great idea! It would be perfect for those with little room to hid the litter box. You're right 14.95 is a steal.
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Daisy likes to play hide and seek. She likes it ALOT when i go find her. She would purr and purr non-stop when i eventually seek her out, and carry her to her bed or play with her.

Sometimes, i would take a longer time to find her, just to keep her in suspense, she would even just appear before me, as if to give in to me..

So, you can imagine how much she enjoys this. Both kitties were so excited when i set it up. Venus was jumping and stomping on it while i was setting it up. Daisy was waiting beside me, wondering what was to come?

When the flap is down, they go nuts! Nothing can stop them from going bananas, i tell you!! TeeHee!!
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What a neat idea , I don't think we would have the room for one though...hmmmmm , Good price also
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Thats very cool!!!!!
my little kitty/beasts would shred it in a minute!!!They bury 'their business' way down. like burry the rug in front of the hooded box into the box. I still don't know how they get out after??
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This is so great! I wish I had more space. My cats just love to get behind/inside/under anything, so they would just LOVE a litle spare room just for them, like this.
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that's a great idea!

I can just imagine you crouching down to get in there and scoop it! LOL
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I got one for my nieces and nephews and it just popped up and had no floor to it. They loved it!! So, without a floor, I would imagine all you'd do, to clean the litter box is pick it up and move it aside while cleaning. My little white kitty Missy would love it, and so would Spikey but he is such a brat, he would have it ripped to shreds in an hour!!!!
The one I found for the kids was about $12 more than yours, so that IS a good price!
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Yes.. actually i go inside the tent, oops, i mean my babies' loo many times a day. Just this morning, already two times. After emptying out the undesirables and cleaning the inside areas with wet napkins, i vacuum the rug with a hand vacuum.

These little brats have a tendency to use their litter box IMMEDIATELY after i clean it... Sometimes, i feel they are 10 times cleaner than me! Trust me, i am already pretty clean and neat.

:flash: i think the girls are enjoying their new loo. Highly recommended for kitty loo privacy!! Highly recommended indeed!

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