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cats and carrots

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hmm, are cats supposed to like eating carrots? or other vegetables?
i tot rabbits love carrots and vegs. but dun recall ever reading about cats eating carrots.

are carrots beneficial or detrimental to cats?

im asking tis cos i found out last nite tat kimmi-the-kitten will 'Work For Carrots'
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"Work for carrots" hahaha......that made me giggle

I do know that some cat foods, both dry and canned contain carrots. As for a cat eating them raw and how much would be okay, I'm not too sure.

One of my cats likes broccoli, one like raw pumpkin............and 2 of them love green olives (though they only get one rarely as I think there's a lot of salt in them). My one cat loves romaine lettuce. I am notorious, when I come home with bags of groceries, to leave the bags sitting on the kitchen floor while I get more out of my car in the garage.........Taco has been known to root through the bags and find the romaine and chow down, corn husks, too......but then he throws them up (guess similar to cat grass?).

Carrots contain beta-carotene so if a cat ate a lot of them, maybe they'd get too much? Or Vitamin A? I'm not too sure.
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I have read recently in two books that cats cannot synthesize Vitamin A from beta carotene, they have to get it from animal sources. So, it won't overdose your kitty on Vitamin A. I would say it should be fine, just don't give too much because carrots have a lot of carbs/sugars that cats don't need!
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