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Old cats can learn new tricks

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Thingy has never shown any understanding of reflections in glass or mirrors or of TV until tonight. We were sitting on the sofa. I was watching TV and idly petting Thingy who was curled up dozing beside me. The following ad came on:

Thingy's head shot up. Her ears shot up. She shot off the sofa and ran up to the TV and stared at it intently. The ad finished. She peered round the sides of the TV. She peered through the gaps where the DVD and VCR players were. She looked very confused. She paced back and forth for a bit, smelling the floor. Then she stared at me as if to say, "Where did it go?" When I burst out laughing she huffed across the room and sat on the other sofa with her back to me.
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My Wilbur knows this all too well
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That's like Rosiemac's (Susan's) cat - Jack - who is a TV addict!
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seems we have a fewfurry tv fans here!
My boys have never shown an interest in tv - except to jump up on it and knock things off.
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Lol! I wish Lily enjoyed watching tv! That is too funny!
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When we first got Nora she would look in the baby mirror and freak out. She had a twin brother that looked JUST like her, so I think she thought it was him. Now she watches tv or me on the computer watching cat videos on youtube and then looks around the tv or under my computer desk for the other cat. LOL It's pretty funny.
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Arwen watches the tv with me some nights when I'm in bed, she lays across me lengthways and cranes her neck up to see the screen.

It's so cute of her
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