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The frozen kind. It was written in another thread about economizing that using frozen fruit and vegg is a good way to keep wasting $$ and food. I know how to use frozen vegg but want ideas on how to use FROZEN FRUIT.
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I put mine in hot porridge, over ice cream, or in a smoothie
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I put what I will need in a container and let it thaw in the fridge. Then eat it when it's not frozen anymore. I get the bags of mixed fruits, cantelope, strawberries, honeydew melon and grapes. The grapes are fabulous frozen. I just pop one in my mouth and let it thaw there. *smile*

With the frozen strawberries, they tend to get mushy after thawing, so they are better used in a smoothie or over ice cream. I also use them to make jam sometimes.
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Any of the berries that get mushy are great baked into pancakes.

Mixing them in yoghut, and baking with them in general is waht usually happens in our house. I also make sure to break up the packages and freeze fruit in 1 cup or 1/2 cup portions of I don't have to deal with a large bag or chip off frozen chunks.
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I love frozen blueberries, just as they are. A sweet, crunchy frozen treat. You could also pulse fruit into some low sugar fruit juice and pour them into do it yourself popscicle containers and freeze for yummy, healthier popscicles. Either of those satisfy my sweet tooth, or my need for something crunchy.
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Sprinkle over your waffle batter before you close the waffle iron. It can get a little sticky, but the waffles are awesome!

Fruit pies, crumbles, scones.

Let the fruit thaw in a little brandy and then serve over ice cream. Simple but lovely dessert.
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Smoothies (use instead of ice cubes so it won't be watered down), pancakes, pies or tarts, muffins. I think you can use frozen fruit for anything that you're going to be cooking as you usually want the fruit to soften anyway. One of my favorite quick deserts is just a bowl of frozen berries and a little scoop of ice cream or some whipped cream.
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I always buy the frozen peaches and berries and use them in pies and cobblers. You can also make a nice sauce and put it over icecream (I blend it to remove the seeds, especially on raspberries). I make protein smoothies with them too, YUM!
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I like buying the berry mixes and just eating them frozen or putting them in sorbets or smoothies. Sometimes I use the blueberries for muffins and cakes too.
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I use frozen berries and apples in cakes and pies and crumbles. My freezer is full of home-picked fruits this year.
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Great ideas thanks!
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I used to buy bushels of apples, pare, core and slice them, measure enough for one pie, added sugar, flour, salt and cinnamon for one pie then freeze in freezer bags. When I wanted to make a pie, I just pulled out a bag, let it thaw and dump the contents into my pie crust, cover with another crust and bake.

I also use frozen blueberries for pies. You can guess what my huband's favourite desserts are - pies!

You could also use frozen berries in the many ways mentioned above and I would also use them for coulee.
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I usually buy the frozen berry combo's and mix them with plain yogurt. You have to do it when they are still a bit frozen so when they melt the juice from them sweetens the yogurt...
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