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Daily Thread Tues Dec 2nd

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Morning my lovelies

No big storm today so I am doing well

Off to work in a bit...then meeting Josh afterward and we are going to grab dinner. He is finally DONE SCHOOL THIS SEMESTER! He has a few papers left to do and 2 exams...but done classes. I love having him all to myself

Laundry tonight when I get home

Have a lovely day!
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Gotta like it when the storm finally stops!
Just another day here....
Have a good one, everyone!
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Morning All!!

Snow has finally stopped here as well.

Heading out in a bit I have several errands to run today, and some grocery shopping to do.

Have to stop by my Aunt's as well as I promised to pick up a few items for her today when I'm shopping. She's getting up in years and doesn't like going out and about when it's snowy or slippery so she generally sends a shopping list out with me.

The kitties are good this morning, conned me into some extra treats so they are enjoying those right now..

Everyone have a great day
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I have 4 hours of seminars to attend today, so that will only allow me to make a little bit of DNA from the RNA I extracted last week. Gonna take off around 5:30, go home before going to gym - might do Group Syntergy class (yoga pilates fusion). Gonna make a sausage and tomatoes pasta for dinner tonight, watch house, and then go to bed early. Winter makes me sleepy!!
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I got up and cooked breakfast for DBF & packed his lunch for work. I fed Sunny and I went back to bed. I just woke up at 11am (had to sleep since I have class tonight until 10pm). I'm now trying to get into mood to study for my final exam in math that we have Thursday night.

Sunny is into absolutely everything today!

We're having leftovers for dinner tonight. It's not that bad, we have some really good leftovers
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Ahh time to relax. The rugs are vacuumed, laundry is done, & the dishes are washed.
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