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Happy B-Day Moe and Neo!!!! In honor of there b-day here is there rescue story!

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We found Moe and Neo when they were 4 to 5 weeks old, and that was in late may. Soooo we figured there b-days are around May 1st, so the first week in may is Moe and Neo b-day week!!

here is there rescue story!!

Neo and Morphues’s Rescue story!!

Neo really is “The oneâ€

Imagine being a young scared kitten. All alone with no one but your brother in the woods. This is the story of Neo
and Morphues.

\tIt was a normal afternoon my fiancee at the time (now husband) and I were driving around in his MG B just
singing to the radio and enjoying our day off! We decided to make a pit stop at my parents house. Little did we
know that stop would change our lives forever.
\tWe pulled into the driveway and were greeted by my younger brother, Mark, holding something fuzzy. I
got out of the car and ran up to him. I said what is it, is it really, who’s is it!! I want it!! In his hands he held the
saddest looking kitten I had ever seen. This poor little baby was COVERED in ticks. He was skin and bones, and I
was almost scared to hold him because I thought for sure I would hurt him. Mark told me that the little kitten kept
crying and following him. I looked at my brother teary eyed and asked if there were any more. He said one...but he
is mean. I told him he had to go back and get the other one. So he went back to the woods and a few minutes later
came back with a slightly bigger twin of this kitten. My brother said the “mean†kitten was just sitting there crying,
he must have missed his brother.
\tOnce we had the two kittens the work began. I called 10 different vet offices that were all closing and
would not see them. None of them mentioned an emergency vet, and at the time I didn’t know there was a such
thing. I was on my own until Monday at 8:00 when they had an appointment. The smaller kitten wasn’t looking
good. He was breathing heavy and just snuggled up against me. Luckily they were old enough to eat canned food,
and we gave them special kitty milk.
\t Monday morning we sat in the vet’s office waiting nervously. They called us back and looked over the
kittens. They said that the larger appeared to be 4 to 5 weeks old, but the smaller was under developed because he
was starving, they weren’t sure if he was going to make it.
\tThat night we went home and decided to watch a movie, the matrix. We need to get our mind off of the
kittens for at least alittle while. At the end of the movie we both looked at each other and said that is it! The kittens
finally got there names. Neo and Morphues. Neo was smaller, but him being brave enough to follow my brother is
what got them saved. Morphues might have looked like the was the strong one, but Neo really was “the one.†A few
weeks went by and they were both gaining weight. Once in awhile Neo would get sick but he always pulled through.
\tWe decided to start house hunting. We need a home for us and our new kittens. There was one street I had
my eye on, and sure enough there was a house for sale! The house had a chicken coop and barn that would be great
for my fiancee’s hobby, working on cars. To our shock it was in our price range, we purchased the house and moved
us and Morphues and Neo in. On one of our first nights in when noticed a small white cat out by the chicken coop, little did
we know then, that cat would also effect us greatly....but that another story!
\tAs months went on both kittens grew and grew. Finally the day came where Morphues was the smaller cat
and Neo was the big boy. Neo is now a 19 pound 38 inch long cuddle bug. Morphues, aka MoeMoe, is the smaller
15 pound kitty. They are both very special cats. My sweet kittens, that taught me how special cats are turning three years old
this month, May 2003.
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a few weeks after we found them....
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Awwww..such a wonderful story! You need to post pictures of those two handsome guys, maybe one as kittens and one today as big cats!
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LOL you read my mind! Great minds think alike!
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Happy Birthday Neo and MoeMoe! Hope you both enjoy your special day!
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Cute Cats , Love From Aunty Sam
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Happy Birthday cutie pies!
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Neo and Morpheus!
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Wow what a story! Happy Birthday! They are beautiful cats!!
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What a touching story. Happy birthday boys!!
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What a beuatiful story!! Happy birthday guys!!!
You kitties are soo beautiful and so lucky to have loving parents like you do!!!!
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Happy Birthday Neo and Moe Moe! You've become such big, handsome boys!

(Have you thought about sending their story to Save Samoa www.savesamoa.org Sorry, I just had to put a plug in for the site)
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That's a wonderful story!!!

Happy Birthday Boys!!!!
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I sent it to save samona last night if I didn't I think LDG would have my head
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