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Some Strange Cat Ways

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My room mates and I have two cats. One is about a year and a half old and the other is about half a year. We have been observing some interesting kitty interactions. Just out of curiosity:

1: Why do they continualy lick eachother? Are they cleaning eachother?

2: The older cat is very talkative. He seems compelled to meow and meow about everything. When he is hungry, when he wakes up, and just basically all the time. Is there a reason why some cats meow more than others?

3: The kneading. Knead knead knead. Every time the older cat is on someone's lap he does nothing but knead and doesnt want to be there unless he gets to knead. Why do cats knead

Just curious. Any input?
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Imo, all normal cat behaviour. We only have Blossom who I hand raised from 3 w/o. She is always compelled to lick us most time that we pat her. She will grab onto our arms & hold on tight with her claws out.
Blossom is a quiet cat, so I would like her to speak to me sometimes.
Blossom on kneads sometimes when she comes to sleep on our bed. I rather like it if she gives me a massage.
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I think it's all normal kitty behavior. I only have one cat, but I see all of the same things.

Harley will sometimes lick my arm if she's laying in my lap and I'm petting her. I'm flattered that she feels secure enough to "groom" me.

She is also extremely vocal - I swear she talks in "sentences". There is not one moment of the day that she doesn't come out to see me and isn't meowing, chirping, or making an assortment of sounds. I think it's cute, actually. The more I talk back to her, the more she has to say.

Kneading is a sign of contentment. Harley likes to knead my shoulders when she's in my lap (she likes to lay on my chest with her paws up around me like a hug). And she does it with the happiest look on her face.
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Kneading is how nursing kitttens stimulate their mother to produce milk; older cats associate it with being happy, contented, protected, and loved. Mutual grooming, with cats as well as with primates, is how they establish social bonds. (Think how little girls like to braid one another's hair, or how apes pick parasites off one another.)
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