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How do you play with your cat?

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How often? With which toys? What drives your cat crazy?

Zoe goes nuts for Da Bird and the laser pointer, but with all toys loses interest after a short play session.
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Lucky seldomly is interested on DaBird... she loves to play on her cat tree/scratcher (little one), but her favorite is the Bergan Turbo Scratcher - she can go for hours on no end! She plays alone, or sits on one side of the scratcher, I sit on the other, and we just tap the ball to each other... we do this for a long time, until she goes bonkas at it! This is bars none his favorite toy. Playing fetch is another one - she fetches one way though...I still need to go the and pickup te balls... I am Harness training her this week, and she is doing really well (doesnt walk as though she had pooped dipers on anymore), and I think By Friday she will be ready to go outside! I Can't wait for her to feel the grass, look at the bugs and squirrels... Its going to be awesome!! Besides that, I just rub her belly as if there was no tomorrow!
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I play with mine 2-3 times a day for at least 1/2 hour at a time, and always right before bed. Mine love DaBird, laser pointer and feather teasers.

They also like to fetch sparkle pompoms and furry mice.
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My cat loves a feather teaser. He leaps and jumps so high in the air to try to catch it he looks like a little acrobat. The only problem if he catches it he won't let go and walks off with it and tears the feathers off. lol. I have to get a video sometime. He also likes chasing a string around the house. He has a furry mouse that he'll play with on his own. He tosses it in the air, dives on it and rolls around with it. I play with him a few times a day for a half hour or so.
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All my fosters and the cats I had in the past went nuts over Da Bird. I also use a feather teaser, but Da Bird is more satisfying for them because its more realistic "prey". Cassie also enjoyed playing with balls. I'd throw one and she'd take off running, but she never fetched the ball back to me. She'd just grab it, rabbit kick it till it rolled off somewhere, and come back to me looking very pleased with herself
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When I get home from work, my girls will greet me and then stare intently at the shelf where I have their laser toy. They will stare a bit and look at me to see if I have their attention, then stare again. I will just touch the laser and they will go wild. Then they will go crazy trying to get the red dot. It is so cute! Dusty also likes to play fetch.
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my cats love da bird, of course...which cat doesn't?

They really love it when I get down on the floor and get all the balls and toys from under the couch and stove...I did that last night and they all went crazy! They hadn't seen some of them in a while.
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Harley waits every night for my son to go to bed, and then she'll sit down next to where all her toys are and wait for me to play with her. If I don't do it right away, she'll sit there and meow until I do!

Her favorite toys by far are fuzzy mice; she has about 7 of them, and she either likes me to throw them across the living room so she can chase them, or she likes to lay on the floor across from me and play "catch" - she swats the mouse at me and I roll it back to her. She also plays by herself with them; she'll roll around on the floor, bunny-kicking one of her mice with her back paws while she holds it with her front paws, or she'll toss it up in the air and divebomb on top of it.

I also have this big fuzzy wand toy with feathers on the end that she loves to stalk and pounce on, she likes to chase her jingle balls across the house like a nutcase, and then there is the pheasant tail feather that I gave her out of my craft box - she likes to swat at it and carry it around the house like a prize.
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With my domestics it's the typical cats toys, including feather toys, fuzzy mice, catnip filled balls and their favorite, the laser pointer. With the bobcats, we usually play together playing chase, regular cats toys will not last a day with them. But Amber likes these velvet covered balls with little rattling things inside and she also loves golf balls. With Carmelo, we use big toys like pumpkins and large jolly balls
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I had to give up DaBird with my boy Grigio because I felt I had to let him "catch" it at least once each play session--and he killed the bird each time, totally destroying the feather mock bird.

But he loves to pounce on just a length of string that I hold and wiggle for him. And I can let him chew on the ends for a while without any problems. I try to play with him at least twice a day, for about a half hour each time.

He loves the furry mice and small balls. Sometimes I will throw them for him to bat around, but often I hear him playing with them at night. I make sure he has a supply available around the house for whenever he's in the mood for play.
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Touche likes the rope bone I originally bought for the dog I owned for three days (long story...)

She'll sink her teeth and front claws into the knot at one end and kick with her rear feet.

She also loves the Turboscratcher and fuzzy rabbit fur mice.

Shelby loves her Woolly Bully (she'll toss it into the air) but is afraid of the feather wand.

Both love the laser pointer and the leather shoelace. I find the leather
shoelace works better than yarn or string because their claws do not get
caught in it.

Isn't it amazing the $$$ we spend keeping the little furballs entertained?
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The cats usually play with each other but when I am included the most fun game is "chase whatever mom is tossing up at you" which include rubber balls, toy mice, cardboard stuff, dead insects, old shoes/slippers, etc.
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Originally Posted by FuzMugly View Post
How often? With which toys? What drives your cat crazy?

Zoe goes nuts for Da Bird and the laser pointer, but with all toys loses interest after a short play session.
Believe it or not, Angels favorite toy is just a short piece of rope, about 1' long. With me or without, she'll play with her rope half an evening.
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Snow goes nuts for anything that moves. Including toes. Her all time favourite toy is her little white mouse
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I play with each of them multiple times per day. I am a stay at home mom looking for a job, currently, so I have lots of free time. lol

Milo's favorite games are for me to roll or throw a ball (he loves a sparkly pom pom and a bouncy ball, and eventually it gets back close to me when I throw it again), a big long strip of fleece that is knotted on both ends which he likes me to whip around and he attacks it. His favorite game is for us to wiggle our fingers above him while he lays on his back and he grabs them, nibbles on them, and then licks them. He also loves to pounce on my hands when I rub them on the front of the sofa or my feet when I rub them back and forth on the floor.

Nora plays a bit of fetch depending on the item. She can play fetch with the sparkly pom pom and the bits of plastic around the milk cap. She likes when I tie a plastic ball with a bell inside of it onto the end of the fleece strip and throw it across the room holding on to the other side. She will chase it when I pull it back across the room. We have a micro fiber sofa that has a VERY fine corduroy on it, and she goes CRAZY when I scratch my finger nails on it...she will run to the end of the sofa and sit there with wide eyes, then jump on my fingers. It is so cute. Nora mostly plays with herself though. She is really good at that. She chases her tail a lot and it is absolutely hilarious!! She bats a ball around, runs like a spaz, etc etc. She is so funny! She cracks me up all the time.
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I play tag with Xay.

First, I'll get down real low, and poke my head out from behind a corner, as if I were stalking. If Xay wants to play, he'll do the same. After a few seconds of peeking, he'll come running after me, jump up on me, and run away really quickly. I, of course, stalk him, chase him, tag him, and run away again.


The kitten, Puddles, pretty much plays with everything at this point.
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kimi plays soccer with a plastic bag knotted up to roughly resemble a ball. i will push the ball between the two feet, then she will come tackle. once she got the ball, she will dribble it across the room. or i'll kick the ball, n she will run to it, and lie flat on the floor with the ball between her two front paws and chin, looking like a goalkeeper.
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my cat all toys! Da Bird is number one
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My cat loves to play with a balled up piece of paper.

She will actually chase it, grab it, and then try and place it near me so I can throw it again.

She also likes to play with a lazor pointer too.

She seems to like that the best out of all the toys she plays with.

I have yet to figure out why though.
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