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kitten dreams...

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I am wondering, a little bit oncerned to be totally honest, but do kittens twitch in their sleep past 2 week old? Jake is almost 6 weeks old and twitches a lot in his sleep. I think today he was dreaming of eating because he looked like he was chewing in his sleep.....And I think he looked like he was grooming himself once too...
It's kind of scary to me because his eyes are halfway open while all of this is going on. He looks like he is trying to catch his toy also...
It's just kind of weird for me to see his whole body shake like that!! I hope it's normal and he is not having a seizure because that's what it looks like, if he didn't wake up and go straight to eating or playing I would be sure he is having seizures...
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Nova is about a year and a half, and she twitches in her sleep. My mom's cat is 9 and he twitches too.
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I think Blossom has twitched in her sleep, particularly when she was younger. My 10 mth old pup certainly does from time to time. Last time she was doing it I had to wake her up to make sure she was ok.
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Although cats spend a lot of time sleeping (up to 18 hours per day), most of it is fairly light sleep, so they are easily awakened.

However, the will spend short periods in very deep sleep, apparently dreaming. If you lift their head or paw during this sleep, you may be convinced they are dead, if they weren't jerking. They twitch as if they were running, nursing, or eating. Their eyes may be partially open.

All this is normal for all cats.
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Yup, this is very normal. All of mine do the twitching thing. Chandler Ray used to have nightmares, would wake up looking very confused and need his "mommy" ASAP.
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Oh wow that is a relief. Thanks to everyone for clarifying, I googled a bunch of things but none of the information I found was clear. Most of it said that only one week old kittens twitch in their sleep...

If you lift their head or paw during this sleep, you may be convinced they are dead, if they weren't jerking

I actually picked him up last night, and he didn't wake up for a few seconds..I thought he was really really sick about to die, so I quickly put him down...then he started stretching and yawning lol....and of course started to play for at least an hour until he settled down to sleep again!!
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