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Old Cat - Wont Eat - Skinny

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Hey All,

First time of me ever posting on a cat site. Anyways I have a black 18 year old cat that has recently lost some more weight. He weighs 11 pounds inside his crate at the vet. They did not mention if that was unhealthly or not. My main concern is that he is VERY picky about what and what he does not eat. If I give him tuna some nights he will eat it some nights he won't. If I give him the regular cat food ( Friskies with greens or whatever, given that to him entire life) Its like he cannot eat it, and licks off the gravy. Which is ironic because when he wants to he can easily eat the tuna. Im just afraid that these are the last few days of his life. Please give me any ideas or feedback. Already taken to vet, and done testing, so please no " Take to vet " replies.


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I have to ask what diagnosis did you get from your vet? If his days are truly numbered, then my advice is simply to give him anything at all that he'll eat. If you have to go thru 10 cans of Friskies because all he will eat is the gravy, then so be it. If he wants tuna, then give it to him.

If he has a lot more time, then there are other options. I have a gravy eater also. To trick him into eating more of the food, I have to pulverize the food and add a bit more liquid (water) so that he can lap at it. You can do this in a blender or food processor (or by hand but it takes a lot longer).

Keep us posted?
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Has he had blood tests?
My Crf cat gets like that alot of times.
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What tests were done and what were the results??? If you were just told nothing try another vet ...
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Would be helpful to know what the tests/Vet indicated was wrong with your kitty, if best advising you re: diet. Older kitties are more apt to develop chronic kidney failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism. What did the tests indicate?
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I have a 17 yr old and she was diagnosed a year ago with early stage of CRF.
So i switched her into RX diet.
I took her to the vet then because she would eat less and she got thinner and thinner....

Now sometimes she does not want to eat her RX food, so I give her whatever pleases her, I open cans of all kinds till she eats whatever she wants to eat.

Making a soup out of the friskies can as suggested above (pulverizing the chunks and adding water) is a great idea. Have you tried the pate version of canned food? there are some brands that are really soft pate, maybe that with a little of water would be easier.
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Ever since I had my old CRF kitty years ago, I learned that if canned food is warmed up a little in the microwave, it's 'smellier' (which is good!) to a cat and might be more tempting to them.

I have 5 cats who eat canned twice a day and I always add a little water to the food on the plate, take a force and mash it all (so it's nice and smooth), then put it into the microwave for 15-20 seconds, then mash it up again when I take it out. Would definitely suggest doing this for folks who feed leftover refrigerated canned food. Would therefore have to warm it up longer (as it's cold). I heard years ago that it can be a little upsetting to a cat's tummy to eat "cold" food. I like adding a little water to the food too as my cats are all older and the additional fluids is good for their old kidneys. Not too soupy or they don't like it.

To tempt a fussy cat, I found that buying the pouches of Whiskas.......chicken or turkey.........and drizzling the grazy from within the packet on top of whatever canned food you feed.

My cats all really love SophistiCat canned food, from PetsMart. I would definitely prefer they eat more premium food but I've tried them all and they just won't except maybe once in a while. My cats go nuts for the Liver & Chicken canned SophistiCat, and the Poached Tuna Kitten (Canned). They're priced really well, too........come in 3 oz, 5.5 oz and the large cans. Lots of flavors.

A lot of older cats don't like "chunky" food........I know mine sure never have and I don't think they're the only ones. They more prefer the "pate" type food.
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Did the vet check your cats mouth?
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I am on my way to the vet in a few minutes with my old skinny cat who wouldn't eat, and he is having teeth removed, and a dental cleaning. I would definitely have another vet visit, either with your current vet, or another one for a second opinion. You have described my Alex perfectly, and I understand your concern. I agree with the person who suggested the pate canned food that has no chunks. Alex does better with those
Good luck with your baby.
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My older cat likes finer cut foods in gravy or pate style. He also likes the shreds. I think they are easier for him to eat. His favorites are Friskies Tender Cuts. He also likes something sprinkled on top, so I keep a few of those 1lb bags of Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold or samples, and Bonito Tuna Flakes on hand to sprinkle on top. Some days he won't even taste his food if I don't sprinkle stuff on top.

I also picked up some higher calorie senior dry food, and he gets fed that seperately. My vet didn't say he's underweight, but he's always been "ideal" weight, so I don't want him losing any weight.
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My 16.9 year old cat is on K/D and Purina N/F.
She has the K/D in dry and wet.
The N/F in wet.
She also does not have alot of teeth but likes the dry better.
The N/F I have is real thick and I have to mush it up.
The K/D has alot of water in it.
What did the tests show that he had.
My cat dosent wnat to eat alot of times because the crf.
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