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So my cat is almost 7 months old and she is NUTS-O. The toys that I buy her are small balls that she bats around the apartment and they get lost under the furniture so after we leave the place, she has no toys. Does anyone have any suggestions for toys for her? She LOVES things she can chase. I was thinking about getting her some tennis balls. Any thoughts?

Sorry if this doesn't belong in this forum!
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I had a cat that loved the regular tennis balls. You can buy the smaller pet tennis balls but mine loved the larger size. They make dog/animal safe regular size tennis balls.

For toys I have tied a shoe lace to a door knob. An open shoe box with ping pong balls in it makes for loads of fun.

She may like those foil balls that you can buy.

The latest hit is the 'flinga-ma-string'. PetSmart now sells them.
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