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HELP! My cat thinks she's a turkey!

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I was watching a show about turkeys I had recorded on DVR (Modern Marvels, I think, or some other Discovery Channel show) when one of the turkeys on the TV gobbled loudly.

My cat, who was asleep in her condo, poked her head out.

When the turkey gobbled again, she make a quiet, kitten-like meow.

I re-played the turkey gobbling, she meowed again. I replayed it again, another meow.

I replayed the gobble a few more times and got the same response each time.

(And yes, I am easily amused.)

I did this until she figured out that the sound was coming from the noisy grey
box in the corner of the room, and went back into her condo.
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That's hilarious! I suspect if you play it often enough, your kitty may be able to even make a gobbling sound. Cats are good mimics.
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Aww that's so cute!
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Thank goodness that Thanksgiving is over.
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lol! kitties are so funny. They're really smart too...and they clearly have big imaginations
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What a funny kitty
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That is so cute!!!
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