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Mom got ANOTHER dog!

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My idiot youngest brother has had a Rottweiler, for several years. His name is Mugs and he stays with my parents a lot. Wayne recently acquired a Great Dane, named Brewster.

Well, Wayne is living in his van and can't take care of himself, much less two large dogs. He brought Mugs and Brewster to stay with my parents. The van got broken into and the stereo was stolen, so Wayne picked up Mugs to guard it.

Brewster now belongs to my parents. I met him, last week and asked if he came with a saddle. The poor thing's ribs and backbone are sticking out a mile. He weighed 108 and the vet said that he needs to get to 150.

I told Mom to get a hitch, so that he can pull her around in her wheelchair. Luckily, he is a big old baby. Brewster sleeps in my nephew's bed and kicks A.J. out at night.

Its been a couple of weeks, since they had to put their Lab to sleep but, Mom always gets another dog right away. With 5 dogs and three teenagers, in the house, I'm glad that I don't have their grocery bill. Brewster will eat more than all three kids, put together.

My parents had better stay healthy - I can't afford all of those dogs!
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Aww I bet Brewster is a big baby if he's anything like my Bella. (Well she has her moments, but at heart she's a big ole baby!)

Great danes are such wonderful dogs I'm sure they'll love him! Bet he'll put that weight on quick.
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awwww what a big heart your parents have!! I'm sure they will have that doggie up to the right weight in no time!
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Even underweight, he's HUGE! My nephew will be 16, in a couple of months and he's sleeping on floor, while this dog has a double bed.
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