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Henry, the greeter at the RB

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I wrote this short snippet about Henry, who passed to the Bridge in September. He was the official "greeter" at the shelter he lived at, and has now taken over the responsibility of welcoming the "newbies" at the RB. This is how I imagine it to be:

Henry welcomes all the new arrivals, telling them about all the RB attractions, starting with the actual Bridge itself. "There are millions and millions of animals and people here, but it's not crowded nor does anyone lack for love or feel they're not special. Just over the bridge those who have come here before you are waiting." Henry inwardly smiles at the sudden happiness he sees on all the faces expectantly listening to every word he says. "Don't be worried if you don't know anyone here. You'll never be lonely. All your favorite things are here for you, whether it be toys, food, or a soft, plush bed and there are plenty of friends to play with."

He tells them about the "cats only" area with trees as high as the eye can see with comfy perches branching off large sturdy limbs. Many of the cats and kittens stay here all day, hoping to catch the first glimpse of a loved one coming to join them, in between naps, that is.

For the cats who enjoy a swim (or just want to admire their reflections), there's a shallow pool of glistening warm water. Not too far away is the nursery section just for small kittens who are lovingly cared for by experienced (and patient) cat-moms.

Since arriving himself, Henry has not yet discovered the source of the sweet, calming music that can be heard, but does not overshadow the happy sounds of play. Nor can he exactly determine how new toys seem to appear from nowhere, just so no one gets bored batting around the same furry mouse from one day to the next. His favorite treats are available when he wants some.

There are humans at the Bridge too, many who have been reunited with their cat(s). Henry has found there's no shortage of people that will cuddle, toss a toy or two and will happily scratch his chin. He's still new here, but feels like he's finally found the home he's always dreamed of while at the shelter.

Henry explains to the the newcomers that he is still shocked and surprised that he has no more pain from the cancer he'd suffered before coming here. Many of the animals nod; they too have noticed they feel healthy again and are becoming anxious to run across the bridge.

Now, with a wave of his orange paw, Henry motions for them to officially pass over the Rainbow Bridge. As the group departs, he spies an inviting spot under a large shade tree where he stretches before curling into a tight ball. He dreams of the day when his friends, feline and human, will arrive to spend eternity with him. In the meantime, he will take a nap in preparation for meeting the next group.
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What a beautiful tribute to Henry - it brought tears to my eyes. Your description is just how I imagine it, too. Thank you so much for sharing
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