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West Paw beds

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I was looking at getting the Eco Nap or Nature Nap from West Paw Designs. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these, and how well they wash, hold up, etc. The last bed I bought for my cats [from Petsmart] looked disgusting after it's first wash and hair was impossible to remove from it.
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I guess not! I went ahead and ordered the Nature Nap. It was a little less expensive.
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I have to date only seen the eco line of dog beds ... $$$ to high for me and a bunch of recycled bottles IMHO
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I have a cat bed from West Paw!

I've only had it a few months, but Alpine LOVES it. She has this bed and a more cushy one with higher sides that she totally ignores in favor of the West Paw one. I'll probably get her a second one for lounging in the sun by the bay window!
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Good to hear! Ramsay much prefers to sleep on a tshirt on the floor, or a magazine. He's never touched the "donut" bed that we had, so I'm thinking he will like the mat.

It wasn't much more than any of the other beds that I looked at. It was $22 for a 24x19".
I think it's worth the extra money to get a quality American made, and ecologically responsible product.
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Yup, I think the one I bought was also around $20. I'm also a bit of a "granola gal" and liked that it was made with recycled materials! I bought the solid sage green mat, FYI!
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okay you ladies are getting deals ... the nature nap at the pet store here is 60$ for a slightly bigger 20*28
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I ordered this one, but from a different website. The website was offering free shipping at the time. But, the pet store I went into had them for even less. They were $16 for the x-small size, but the workers were being a little less than friendly so I went online. Guess you just have to look around.
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I have this one, only in a different pattern and size:

I got it for my family's dog. It is very warm, soft, and extremely durable! I've washed it several times and it comes out like new and, it has bands attached so that it rolls up!
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Well, Ramsay loves the bed. It came this afternoon. I opened the box and tossed it on the couch and went to get scissors to cut the tags off. When I came back Ramsay was already curled up in the middle and he's been there every since.
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Originally Posted by whiteforest View Post
Well, Ramsay loves the bed.

FYI, I ended up buying a second mat (a brown Nature Nap--XS) last week and Alpine loves it just as much as the first one. She rotates between the two mats--one in the big bay window, one on the floor by the kitchen!
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If anyone can find me a source to buy Inteliloft material, I'll make you a bed for cost!
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