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About 2 weeks ago I went out my back yard and found a full grown, pitch black cat. I started feeding him and named him Charcoal. He would meet me at the top of the stairs every morning. I realized he was a throw-away when he let me pet him with purrs. I introduced him to friends, and they got to kneel down and pet him. Yup, definite throw-away.

I contacted my Animal Control contact who helped me get the rest of the colony TNR'ed. She gave me a really difficult time. Her price went up by 500%! And she wouldn't lend me a have-a-heart cage. So I sent out an email to all of my friends asking that they check their friends for someone looking to adopt a cat. My friends, the Tom's came thru. They're adopting Charcoal today.

Right now he is at the vets getting snipped, clipped and dipped. His nails are being clipped and he is being treated for fleas and worms. The vet is also testing for FIV and Leukemia. PLEASE send out any prayers you have that Charcoal is negative! They will not take him if he is positive since they have other cats! We will know by 4PM.

This boy is such a lover. He spent the weekend in a dog crate in my basement, rubbing against the cage looking for scratches! He needs TCS vibes!
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Awwww! Famous TCS vibes for Charcoal!
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I'll be praying for Charcoal. What a happy ending for him. Please let us know his results.
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OK...Charcoal has already been neutered! So he may be a runaway. I'm going to start calling area vets and shelters to see if anyone reported him missing.
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that's nice Charcoal has people looking after him; either way it sounds like a happy ending (either finding his owner or getting adopted by your friend). but what's up with your AC contact? did she balk because he was a tame cat? maybe that's harder to justify giving a discount to since he's 'just a house cat.' too bad, but again, sounds like he will have a happy ending in any case.
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I honestly don't think she remembered me. Its been about a year since my last feral was TNR'ed.
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Best of luck to you, I hope the results come back negative and they're able to take him in!

Amazing how someone would charge a think they'd be happy to do it for a small fee?
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Great news! Charcoal is negative. He was picked up from the vet by his new mommy and installed in her back bedroom before she introduced him to her other cats. His name has been changed to Vladimir to fit in with her other Russian named cats.

So far no one has stepped up to claim him. But his new meowmy loves him to pieces.
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That is great news!! I love a happy ending!
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Outstanding news!

I'm so glad Charcoal was negative and has found a new loving home
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