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How do I switch Bruno’s food?

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I switched Bruno (my 1 year old puppy) from Ekanuba to Orijen. Unfortunately the Orijen is giving him very bad diarrhea. I always figured that it was because of the switch, but he has been on Orijen exclusively for 2 weeks now and he still has watery diarrhea.

I want to switch back to Eukanuba, it’s not my first choice of food for him but it works for him and he never had a problem. With me going away in two weeks I don’t have time to test another food.

I’m not sure how to do this. It took me almost two months to make the switch to Orijen, very slowly switching the foods. But if Orijen is so harsh on his belly would it even make a difference to slowly mix the foods?

Any way to do this? Or should I just slowly make the switch like before even though Orijen does not agree with his little belly?

Thanks all! Sorry if my English is not the greatest here, I am typing really fast here.
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try a simplier formula or one with corn or corn gluten
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I'm surprised it took two months to make a switch. Normally if you mix 75%/25% of the old and new and feed that for a few days, then 50-50 and finally 25/75 that should be slow enough.
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Ditto to the last post... I am wondering if there is something else wrong with the dog, and not the 'switch' in itself.

If it is the switch, it may just be his digestive tract is not acclimated to the 'real protien' in the origen yet; I know that alot of dogs switch from a regular kibble to raw can have alot of diarhea, and vomiting, before the stomach gets used to the change. I would assume the same would be true when going from a diet with alot of carb fillers (like in Eukanuba), to a diet with more actual meat\\protien fillers in it.

What I would do is have him fast for a good day or day and a half even; give a chance for his body to eliminate everything in it, give him only small bits of water. Then start back on the origen, in small frequent amounts.

I would also even venture to get a fecal done, as him having watery stools for this long could be more than a food switch.
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I can say the ave dog yes can transition usually in 7-14 days ... being the "mom" of not a ave dog yes a food change can cause months of havoc ... I second the fecal though
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Yup I agree with the other's advice to do a fecal. Having said that, its also true that switching a dog to raw may cause diarrhoea for even up to a few months.

I know of someone who switched his dog to raw, and the dog had diarrhoea for almost a year before stabilizing (this is just a one-off case, that dog was on commercial food for many years before making the switch. I'm not saying that diarrhoea for a year is normal or to be expected). However, over this long period, the dog thrived in other aspects (coat quality, overall health etc).

Sticking to Orijen is probably going to be better for Bruno's health in the longrun. I'd recommend sticking to it.
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