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update on Alex-thanks food_lady

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I was on the vet's doorstep at 8:00 am when he opened today with Alex.
He quickly confirmed the toothache diagnosis, gave him the injection of antibiotics that you mentioned, and scheduled him for surgery tomorrow to remove any bad teeth and clean the rest.
Alex has lost a lot of weight, but vet thinks he'll be fine with the surgery and it will help out immediately. They will definitely be doing bloodwork prior to surgery because he had that liver duct blockage back in April.
I know that Alex wouldn't be alive today if you hadn't helped me through assist-feeding him in April, and I am now here again asking for your prayers and healing vibes for my sweet Alex tomorrow.
My vet was very complimentary about the advice that I was given here. He never gets upset(like some I've known) when I turn to the internet for help, knowledge, and advice. I know that you are not vets, but the combined experience here counts for so much, and I am thankful that you are willing to share.
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Yay Sierra,

So glad you were able to get kitty into the vet and he'll undergo his dental tomorrow. I'm betting you'll be amazed at how much better kitty feels after the dental, with respect to eating -- maybe not the same day or next but following that. Please let us know the outcome of the dental!!!!
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