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Moving House With a Cat Q's...

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I'm going home in a few weeks and when i'm home we're moving house, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice of how to introduce Lily to her new home.

We're moving from a 2 bed flat to a much larger 3 bed bungalow.

I don't know whether to introduce her to her new home room by room over the course of the day or days, or Would it be better for her to get it over with and explore everywhere straight away?

Also i have another question which i am getting quite worried about to be honest. Lily has always been an indoor cat and has NEVER been outside, as far as we were told she was totally caged before we rescued her. (she was neglected). Every time we've carried her outside to the vets etc in her carry case she is incredibly frightened of the moment we step outside the front door carrying her to the car. she never tries to get outside even if we leave the windows open a bit.

However she is extremely active and a crazy cat. This new bungalow has a quite large garden and my mum wants to let her outside...but i'm not sure whether she should go outside because she might get run over or run away and i am just un certain whether its a good idea...but she is such an active cat...but the larger house should make up for that a bit? there are long corridors etc to run in for her... outside there are no main roads near by but there is one that is relatively busy with lots of corners...dangerous spots for cats i think.

I've always had outside cats before Lily but it wasn't my decision and since getting lily I keep thinking it's better for her to stay inside anyway. It will be my decision with Lily because she is my cat. I just dont want to make the wrong decision!
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It is better to keep her inside.
Mine have never been out side.
Do you have any soft carriers?
We just moved from a apartment to a house last July and Sasha gets scared very easy and goes crazy if you go to put her in a carrier or go outside.
I got a soft sided carrier to move her with and it worked great.
She did not get scared at all.
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Personally I'd hang on to that fact that she doesn't even try to go outside. There's nothing good that can come from letting her out if you ask me. I think cats belong indoors unless they live on a farm or a LARGE place with tons of room to roam.
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