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Daily Question.................12/01/08

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Good Morning my friends!......

So sorry for be-lated here!......but I almost forget about this Duty! let see about this...

Do you have a backyard?... how many frutal trees do you have?.......How many flowers bushes do you have? can you ilustrate it with a pic?............and do you have a Vacuum for the leafs?......

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I live in an apartment, so no yard or trees
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I have a deck with mostly plants, ferns etc.. I love flowers too and usually put some of those out too. It's always nice to have somewhere to go and sit outside.
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I live in a resort park, so no backyard, but I do have a hibiscus, a century plant (Agave americana) a couple of aloe plants and a prickly pear cactus.
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There is a small back yard outside my bedroom window that is enclosed as I`m in the basement. This is now Maisies Back Yard! There is a small garden higher up but the garden sheds have been breeding so there is nothing too exciting there.

The door and window to the left is the seperate office. That is where Maisie lived when she first arrived My bedroom is on the right and you can see my lovely dead heather

This is the garden next door. As my landlord / boss owns both side I get to sit out here at tea breaks from work

There is a big grape vine, lots of Violets, Forget me nots, Woodruff, Carnations, Budlia( Can`t think how to spell it! ) ooh! and a lovely Passion flower growing along that trelis on top of the wall
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We live on an acre of land so I have LOTS of trees and bushes, like pyrocantia and orleandar bushes, jade plants and lots of bushes that I have no idea what they are. I have lots of trees - dogwood, black oak, and this very pretty tree that has pink cluster flowers and fern-like leaves that drops flowers and leaves all over our driveway.
We have a nut tree, a loquat tree and a grape vine.
We own a leaf blower but so does our gardener.
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This is our yard looking towards out garage, taken half an hour ago. The first pic shows a dogwood tree; you can make out the brick edging that I put in this past spring. This bed is full of hostas, liriope, lady's mantle, creeping jenny, hydrangeas, snow on the mountain, and too many more to mention.
The second pic is the other side of the yard, showing the linden tree and the bird & squirrel feeders. Around that tree are mainly the same plants. Both sides of the yard have 3 foot wide borders of flowers near the fences. There are also plants behind the blue shed, including a bed or iris & more hydrangeas, and a bed in front of the garage.


yes, I do have a leaf vac/blower; don't know what I'd do without it~
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I have so many to list.
Here is a link to my photo bucket.
I have alot of fruit trees and other trees.
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We have a small back yard. There's an old apple tree at the corner of the adjacent property, which leans somewhat over ours, and we have a quince in another corner. Those are the only fruit trees.
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The house I live in has a huge back yard but I don't use it very often. The great thing about my place is I have a huge deck so I really don't need to use the yard. I have several planters, and a nice sitting area. Best of all no grass to mow...
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We have quite a large back yard, mainly because of the size of my family, and we all lived here together for years. Used to have a plum tree at the end and a pond, but we had to dig up the tree and fill in the pond once the dog arrived.
(Our yard is a bit of a mess now )
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We have 4 1/2 acres wich is a large enough piece of land, I would sat with at least 1000 trees etc. Probably more We also have 9 flower gardens on the property and a pond. We don't rake leaves we alow them to decompost on their own.
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I have a pretty large backyard for the city. I don't have any fruit trees, but I have a raspberry patch with two 50 foot long rows. It's way more raspberries than I know what to do with! I have lots of iris and lilies in my garden, but when my last computer died, I lost the pictures. My next door neighbor has a lawnmower with a leaf bagger. He does all my mowing and takes care of the leaves....sure wish I could figure out how to get him to weed my gardens!!!
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I have a pretty large backyard. Unfortunately at the moment though there is only grass in it- no trees or plants.....we'll see where I am this spring though...I might try to do some landscaping if I'm able to.
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Heres mine!!!!

It's not really. It's one of the stately homes about 10 minutes from where i live

This is mine

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Yep, we have a backyard!

13 acres in the back (plus two that the house is on and the front yard). If you look at the very back, between the two sets of woods, you'll see a lone little tree. That's the back of the property. It also goes to the right and left of that picture, into the woods.
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great participation my friends and :woaw:...Woaaw!! a very big places!!...

My humble place!...

I hope you enjoy it!..
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