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Cat play

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Our cat is very demanding when it comes to play. He will sit and look at you and if you ignore him he goes and does things guaranteed to get your attention, you know the stuff, climbing onto shelves with lots of precarious objects, pulling stuff off tables, etc. If you go into another room, he first meows from the other room then comes in and starts getting into things.

So I try and spend at least half an hour a day playing with him, especially as he's an indoor-only cat. This was going fine, but now he just sits and looks at me as if to say "You need to do better". I have a long shoelace with a golf-ball at the end that he used to chase, and bits of plastic tubing that he likes to bat about and shove under the sofa.

Any ideas what I can do to stumulae him again?

He's about 2 years old and fairly active. I have to give him his play sessions to give me some time to get on with what i need to do what I need to do.
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Any chance you have the option of getting a 2nd cat? I can't imagine if we had to provide all of our kitties' playtime (although, they're only about 14 weeks old, so they have LOTS of energy!) I love that they wear each other out, so by the time we get home from work they're ready to snuggle!

Also, for lazy exercise, I find a laser pointer to get the job done. We can sit on the couch and barely move it around and the cats go nuts!
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