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cats still not excepting puppy...

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but looks like they would if jasper(5 month old lab x collie) would not try and playfull chase with them.
I'v had him 3 months now and the cats dont seem to care that his there unless he goes near them or they want to go the toilet then theres trouble, the cat hiss as a warning then run so the dog gives chase then the cat will lash out. they wont use the cat tray the only way i can let the cats eat and use there litter tray is to put the dog in another room for a while which he hates and starts to chew everything up...
any tips on how to get them all to semi get along? i'm worried that the cats will hurt the dog not the other way around at the moment as he already had a cat catch his eye but luckly didnt do no damage permently.
cats ages are 16, 3, and 1 1/2 all been spayed/neutered.
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Maybe put up gates on 'their' rooms so they can get used to be safe where they do their business and eat...
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I left up baby gates to keep my dogs out of the "cat" rooms until they were old enough and trained enough to know that they were not allowed in those rooms. Cats always need their special places where the dogs cannot go.
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Stop letting the puppy have opportunity to chase them; if you have to keep him in a baby gated room, then do so. With his breed combo, the more he is able to chase now, the more ingrained as a habit it will become later on, possibly winding up in not so nice consequences. That he doesn't take the hints from the cats, even having been reprimanded by them harshly already, concerns me, and means you aren't doing a good enough job to protect them from him; sorry if I sound harsh, but you would feel horrible if the dog did hurt them later on because you didn't stop the habit early on...so...you've got work to do.

If you can't put him in an area, or baby gate an area off where the cats can get away from him, then keep him on a longish lead 10-15 feet, so that when you notice him going to give chase you can step on the lead, or pick it up and call him to you. Either way, the cats MUST have a room to which they have access to, but the dog does not; this room will be the room in which you should put their boxes, and food and water.
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There should be no reason at all for a dog to chase a cat. I just had this conversation with a friend of mine who insisted she couldn’t train her dog not to chase her cats because English Bulldogs were not trainable.

Getting a dog in some cases can really be a pain in the butt and involve a lot of hard work but that comes with getting a dog. There should be no opportunity for your dog to chase the cats, it shouldn’t even be in the equation or an option for the dog.

I think we had Bruno (my dog) on a leash attached to my waist for a good month before he was free, he was supervised when with the cats as well as crated at nights and when we couldn’t watch him (showers, mowing lawn, etc).

As well as leashing him we set him up to chase the cats so we could correct him, we did this everyday for about 10-20min depending on his success. We would use a laser pointer to make the cats run in front of the dog and when he would chase we would say no and make him sit. If he ignored the cats we would treat and make a huge production of it.

We also have two spaces that are baby gated off that only the cats can enter, one is the spare bedroom where they have their food so they could eat in peace and the other in is the basement where they can poop in peace lol.

As Faith’s Mom said, this is going to be a huge problem as he grows and gets older, it will be ingrained in his head to chase the cats and that can lead to a bad situation. A friend of mine actually had the cats back broken because the dog by accidently jumped on the cat trying to play when I was in high school. The dog should never, ever be able to chase a cat, under no circumstances, dogs sometimes require a lot of work, and this dog needs that.

Good luck!
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I agree with Baloney'sMom about using the technique of being leashed to the dog for training. This will help with you with the chasing, plus every other different thing your young pup needs to learn. This techniques really helps you to notice his behavior and praise or re-direct immediately. It sets you up as "the leader" because you establish where physically the both of you will go. Give it a try for a month.
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