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Cyber Monday Shopping

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Black Friday is over and now it is Cyber Monday. My email has been full of special offers - free shipping, 20 % off, 25% off, etc.

One site tracks a lot of the deals -

Will you be doing any online Christmas shopping today?
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Already pre-ordered "Beedle the Bard," by J.K. Rowling, for my brother, from Amazon this morning.
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No, but i will be on thursday, because my favourite store that had a one day sale 2 weeks ago was a huge success that they've decided to have another one.

I got 50% off some bedding online on their first one so theres bound to be something else i need
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I definitely will! Thanks for the website, too, Karen
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I just finished off 4 people! Still shopping.....
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Probably not (did mine last month) but an aunt did ask for my wish list from a clothing store.
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That is a great website! I just remembered that I saw that Jaqueline Speer has a new mystery out and there is a book called "Goodnight Bush" in a book that looks like "Goodnight Moon."

Funny, if I order from Barnes and Noble on-line, I get a bigger discount than my daughter's employee discount (she works there during Christmas and for the past 3 summers). But, if I go into the store and use my club card, I get less of a discount than she does.
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I'm already done with my shopping
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I'll be making the majority of my gifts this year... I can't afford to do big shopping like that... but it is cool about that site... maybe someday...

My splurges come with my Border's Rewards card. I get coupons occasionally... the best ones to me are the 40% off DVD box sets for two days... I make it a point to go in... but i go in to the stores...

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No, I like to go into the stores and see what I'm getting. I don't care much for shopping on line. I'm almost done anyway, only about two more stops for me. We're taking it light this year.
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Did most of my shopping today online!
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I didn't find anything for anyone else....but ordered myself 2 coats. My coat is always dirty from the shelter, so I need a good I bought it in Fleet & Farm so it's like "farmer coat".
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
Did most of my shopping today online!
I've been doing a lot of online shopping the past three days - love it! I just have one more gift to go, aside from some kitty stocking stuffers.
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I just want to caution those tempted by good sales and free shipping. If you're not already familiar with the retailer, please read reviews online. Potential savings mean nothing if you never get your items or your money back.
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I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet! I'll have to have a good look when I get home.
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Ohhhh I just realised the times on that site are all EST! I was waiting for the Amazon special at 4pm, and it turns out I missed it
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