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Daily Thread Monday Dec 1st!

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Morning folks

I can't believe its December already! OMG!

We had a crazy busy weekend full of concerts, church, cookie/apple crisp making, go karting, and watching had a great weekend.

Tonight I am heading to the gym after work, will meet Josh there for some workout action.

James Blunt was AWESOME live!!! If you like him, GO SEE HIM!

Have a great day folks!
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I am totally not ready for December.

Today I am sick with a head cold and am feeling awful. I have to go to work anyway because calling in sick is not an option.

I hope everybody else has a good day
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Well, I guess it's about time to dig out my Santa hat, since I'm definitely full-fledged in the elf mode now. I'm heading out shortly to New Orleans. I actually have a fairly easy week, because of the way the weekend breaks are falling.
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Morning All!!!

Well I woke up to another 6 inches of snow this morning and more on the way. Tons of stormwarnings in affect, plus the typical if you don't have to go anywhere don't...Ahhhh the joys of the Canadian Winter.

Just having some hot chocolate, then going to bundle up and go do my deck and steps. I have to go pick up a prescription later today they maybe stop my the library for awhile.

Nothing to much else planned for the day other then keeping warm and watching the snow.

The kitties have all decided it was a good morning to go back to bed and they are all under my comforter sleeping...

Everyone have a great day
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Hi Everyone!

It's a bit later than I usually post, but it's been a crazy morning. The weather's trying to decide if it wants to rain or snow. DH left extra early for work because of the weather so the cats were pestering me because this was Not the Routine.

Work has been crazy busy this morning, but I managed to get most of my soap cut before coming in (Yay!). It's a pain to cut if it gets too hard. other then that, my only plans are get through work, head out to the gym after work and get that last batch of holiday soap made tonight. (One of these years I'm going to remember not to leave it this late )

Hope everyone's having a good day.
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Well, I woke up this morning and the weather channel said that there was a dense fog advisory in effect for this morning.

This is the view from my deck and it is quite a view. There is a mountain out there. Can you see it?

I decided not to go to aqua aerobics this morning because the pool is outside. DH said that I could just walk around the deck 3 times and that would be my aqua aerobics for the day.

Do you think the weather channel got it right?

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I have to go to the airport to pick of cleopatra but i think she will be delayed.
The fog is so bad you can not see across the street.
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Well it was a icky snow day this morning-no plow went by until 8:30 am. There was some ice underneath it all too. No weight in back of the truck but 4WD worked just fine until I could get a couple hundred pounds of salt in the back!

So work was a bit slow due to the weather. Did pick up some more SS gifts; just one more to get before getting the package out this week!!
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