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The humidity here!!!! uugghhh

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Anyone else experiencing horrible humidity yet this Spring? It isn't even that hot outside yet...82 for high, but it is just so dang humid, and I can't stand it!!!
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we havent got the humidity here yet.....but we will!
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We won't get any until the rainy season, in late July.
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It was pretty humid here today. Was supposed to rain, it did a little in the AM but then it just got warm and humid. Thank goodness for air conditioners in cars!
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Humidity? We're lucky to reach 50% during a downpour!
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Oddly enough, Jamie (Luv Those Paws) and I were together tonight, complaining about the humidity. Today is the first day I've really felt any... and it's only the beginning of May. And did I mention it was only around mid-70s today? I can't imagine how bad it's going to be in July.
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Awwwww It's hot over here in NZ despite all the rain !!
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I live in Savannah Georgia. Talk about humidity! In a couple of months it will be just awful, so Im enjoying the springtime before it gets unbearable!
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I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We are just starting to have 60 degree days. It is just starting to get green with buds on the trees and the flowers like tulips and dafodils are popping up. It doesn't get humid here until July.
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