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Farewell to a Friend

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For Ripster

Goodbye my friend, as you slipped softly into the day,
I remember the day we rescued you, those memories forever will stay.
Thank you for the headbumps, the gentleness of your kiss.
I will even remember fondly, how you ran others off with your hiss.

I hope in your final moments, you didn't understand
And released from your earthen vessel, you freely left this land.
I hope God gave you amnesia, and you didn't feel the pain
What I do know is that life without you, will never be the same.

You were "Alpha Cat", "The Terrorist", the one who ruled the roost.
Life without your antics will sorely be reduced.
God thank You for allowing me, the time to get to know
This wonderful black and white kitty, her seeds of love do grow.

Deep within my heart there is an ache a mile wide,
Along with rivers of sorrow all bottled up inside.
That your feed bowl will stay empty, and your pillow will lay bare
Because you no longer walk in my life, you now walk within my prayers.

I found Ripster's body awhile ago, by our creek. She was buried near the creek where she loved to play.
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Oh Hissy, what a rough week you've had!
My goes out to you.

Your poem made me cry, partly from your loss, and partly because of the beautiful way you expressed yourself.

Here is an angel to watch over Ripster and one for you too, Lord knows you deserve one! :angel2:

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:angel2: Hissy, I'm so sorry about your kitty. It's like loosing a member of the family. My heart goes out to you. Your beautiful poem made me cry.
God Bless, Marsha
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Dear Hissy,

Words cannot express my sincere condolences. So many furbabies have been lost this week for so many different reasons. Every one of you who have lost a furry friend are in my thoughts and prayers. This has certainly been a sad week for many. But please be reassured that we are all here to comfort you in your hour of grief. May God bless.

Hissy, your poem is beautiful and a wonderful tribute to your precious rescue, Ripster.

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Hissy, your poem makes me feel like I knew Ripster. He must have been a wonderful little friend, and I am sure you made his life as full as he made yours.
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I know all too well what you are going through. I want you to know that I am thinking about you. It is always hard to lose a special baby but just try to remember all of the love that Ripster gave you and that you gave her.

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I am very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.
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Losing a friend is one of the worst things that can happen in your life, and that was a wonderful poem. It made me remember my Herculese, so (as I sit here in tears), I just want to you to know that you're not alone, and I'll tell my angel to watch over you, too.
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oh, Hissy, I'm so sorry, it's been as bad a week for you, if not worse, than me. my heart is heavy for you, and I'm sending you lots of love & prayers

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Be comforted by the sure fact that Ripster is smiling back at you from the Rainbow Bridge and there's an angel patting her head and smiling down on you too.
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Please accept my consolances as I know what it's like to loose a friend. I haven't told anyone yet but I lost one of my aby's on Monday to kidney failure. They are both playing with each other at the Bridge. I will go light a candle for him.

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Hissy - I just read your post about your Ripster - I too, am sitting here in tears. Ripster's loss must be very difficult for you and I am so sorry. Please accept my condolences and please know that he lived a better life because you were there.
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I am also so sorry for your loss. The poem was not only written for Rip, but also for Andy, and for all the others that went earlier than we wanted them to go. Loving a cat is easy, letting go, never is.
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Hissy, thanks. I really feel bad as Tia was a ralative to Rene's Merlot. Actually, they have the same father but different mothers. She was just a year old but I knew from the beginning that something was wrong because she wasa sick baby but I didn't think it was her kidneys as she never showed any signs of a problem. At least she was home where she belonged and didn't suffer. She died quietly and in her sleep and didn't suffer. I knew it was kidney failure as I had her autopsied. I miss my baby just like you miss Ripster but they are having fun with each other. I can hear the stories now of them talking about us.

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This is your really sick friend who just had to spend a few minutes on the site - I wasn't going to post because it takes too much out of me to think right now - but I am sorry for you hissy and Frannie - we have lost so many babies this year already! And it doesn't matter how many you have, each one is special in their own way and each one leaves an emptiness inside that the other cats do not fill - I love my cats so much but I still grieve for Phoebe and Chloe as if I lost them yesterday. My thoughts are with both of you as I go back to bed!
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I am sitting here in tears! I am so sorry for your loss! I am still praying for you! My heart feels for you!
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Oh, Hissy, I am so sorry! After hearing of so many wonderful antics by this wonderful little kitty, it saddens me to learn of this. Perhaps I missed the post, being I haven't been posting much, but what happened to her?

Your dedication poem brought tears to my eyes. It is so heartbreaking to learn of your loss. My heart and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
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about a week ago I found her crouched and terrified. Someone or something had ripped her open from mid chest to rectum. I rushed her to the vet where she had surgery and several layers of stitches, then when I did bring her home, I confined her upstairs in the cat room. She tolerated it well for a few days until she got stronger, then she found a way out. We had covered the doorway with a heavy mesh screen- almost galvanized, but in our haste to get her some air coming through the rooms, we did not frame the screen, we just stapled it up with an industrial stapler. She found a way by pushing against the bottom, she made a hole just big enough for her to escape, then she was on the roof and gone. I posted on the SOS board about her being missing, and really thought she was just being a brat and hiding out, as she never wanders.

I found her this afternoon, and how I found her is difficult to write about, which is why I wrote the poem. She deserved a dignified death, but I think in her weakened state, she simply couldn't escape whatever got her in the end. She was 9 years old.
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Rip is at the rainbow bridge now and out of pain. Black Paws met her there and welcomed her. And now they're telling all the other furbabies about Hissy, an they met on Earth and how proud they are to have known her and been loved by her.
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i just want to offer my condolences, i know it's been a rough week for
you, and i understand the feelings you must be having right now.

i think this has been a rough week for a lot of us here, with Michele
losing her Andy, Rene being so sick, etc.

i am grateful that we all have one another to lean on in these times.

i have said this before, and i'll tell you again, you amaze me, the lengths
you go to for your rescues means the world.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Ripster, Hissy. What a beautiful tribute your poem is.
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